Rescue Journal

and so it is done.

Carol  ·  Nov. 1, 2013

I spent two and a half hours out at the barn with the vet. the procedure itself was over quickly but we had some electrical issues and it took time and a lot of back and forth before we finally used an outlet in the mp room to feed the cauterizing thing.

chevy is already awake and up on his feet and nosing his hay, his freezing is still in and he has had a big dose of long acting pain meds for when it wears off. I have to say it was not as bloody and barbaric as I expected, it was neat, tidy and quickly efficient, less trauma for him than I thought there would be and I think he did really well with it all.

we also lightly sedated ellie and gave her feet a really good trim. she is getting up there in age now, she has arthritis so her feet need to be in as good a shape as they can be. she too has been up, had some treats and is now wrapped up in warm wool blankets while the sedation fully wears off.

it is probably not a great idea because I have not eaten anything yet today..but I am having a big hot chocolate and baileys. we all survived a shitty thing and I guess we now just move onwards today.



carol, the only thing I know about large barnyard ungulates is that one bit me on the hand 65 years ago and I still have the scar. that having been said, I suspect that if Chevy could speak and was given the following choices:
1) we can take your horns off and it's going to hurt like shit for a day/week/month whatever but you will be a beloved member of the SAINTS family and will be well cared for for the rest of your life or
2) I can leave your horns and you will not have any pain right now but I will have to nuke you immediately after you hurt/maim/kill a person or animal here whether you meant to do it or not.
do you think he would go with door #1 or door #2?


Mooo Whooo instead of Whoo Hooo.

On a separate note - barn volunteers, I have accepted working O/T tomorrow so won't be out at the barn. Please call me on my cell if you need too. 604 466-703zero.

Sorry for short notice. Carol will walk Riley & Capone in the AM & KO will do feeding & turnout. See you Sunday


good boy chevy......maybe you will follow in your predecessor percy's hooves and give out lots of licks and become a tour favourite :)

Bunny Horne

Yay, glad it wasn't as bad as you originally anticipated. Can't wait to see our wee steer on Sunday.


Glad it went well. You really need to take it easier on yourself Carol :) It really was the best decision for everyone. Chevy included.