Rescue Journal

we are BOTH home.

Carol  ·  Nov. 2, 2013

the Lasix moved out quite a bit of the fluid..but not enough to visualize both lungs well. her breathing is better with some of that fluid off, but still laboured, just not as much. her heart sounds much improved which is not necessarily a good thing..i would prefer a cardiac diagnosis to a tumor would give us more time with her.

I have more Lasix for her for over the rest of the weekend and will get her in for another (hopefully clearer, more conclusive) xray on Monday. if daph hits another crises tonight or tomorrow, I have her xrays on disk and we will go into emergency.

how long has she been here...2 maybe 3 years now?
how many hearts has this little dog overtaken?
I think a lot....she totally owns mine.

every night she sleeps pressed into me, my arms surround her from the time we hit the bed, until I get up the next morning. every night I tell her how much I love her, every night we share back and forth sappy kisses and play kill the hand.

she has brought such joy into my life, such fun, such overflows from this little dog...she has truly been a precious gift to me.

daphne has brought to me a lifetime of happiness in the past couple of years.

come what may, I absolutely in every way possible, completely adore her and I am so thankful she came to saints.

I do not know what the near future brings, but tonight she will again sleep warmly tucked in tight to me and I am grateful for this.

love you daphne.


Bunny Horne

Hope she feels better soon. It wouldn't be the same without those flapping ears scooting all over the place. Lots of love to Daphne.

Debra now in Malaysia

Good to hear she is home, being comforted by mom, carol ..


Happy for both of you! One day at a time, feeling grateful for the time and happiness we share. She knows it too.


So glad she's home. I knew Daph was there before I started volunteering so I looked back. She arrived at SAINTS July 2,2009. Time flies hey??


Thanks for posting carol. Been checking and rechecking all day, along with many others im sure. Hope she feels better now.