Rescue Journal


Carol  ·  Nov. 4, 2013

our vet appointment is not until noon but I am going to drive into maple ridge first thing this morning and drop off the xrays so sue has a chance to look at them before we come in. and I am going to try not to be a doom and gloom, end of the world, waiting to happen brokenhearted, frightened freakout even if that is how I actually feel.

the weather...

thick hard frost this morning...winter is coming and we are not ready yet. today we have to get the wind stopping carpet flaps up on the pig doors. Crosby and jingles need to be moved into the rabbit room. we need to sort thru the water trough de-icers, get out the extension cords and see if we can somehow run them and the chicken house heat lamps without blowing the power out there. plus we still need to worry about somehow keeping the water lines from freezing cuz whatever we did last year did not work very well.
sigh...every year it is the same old, same do we survive with water and heat in the cold.
old crappy electrical, old crappy plumbing...a little old and worn down three acre farm built for a couple of people with a couple of cats and dogs and maybe 4 farm animals at the most.... stretched to the max to house over freaking wonder winter is so hard.

chevy is coping very well...I am not saying he is not feeling the results of his de-horning because I am sure that he is. but he is coping very well with it, he is a brave and stoic little thing. today he gets his repeat long acting pain injection so I am glad about that, just in case he is hurting more than he is letting it show.

ellie is walking so much better now that her feet were trimmed up really well. I should have done it sooner but I let myself worry too much about the dangers of sedating pigs so she has only ever gotten minor trims here and there, one foot at a time depending on how cooperative she was feeling. ellie has arthritis so well trimmed feet are critical to her quality of life and wellbeing. I will not neglect her feet out of fear again.

angel goes back into the vets tomorrow for her bloodsugar curve. was it just last week that she was in her own life and death crises? between gut wrenching worry about chevy, ellie and seems so much longer ago.
anyway..she is doing ok but I am still worried that there is something else going on. she vomits periodically, she has lost weight. she is pretty much back to her recent normal self which is not as good as she used to be a year or so ago.

max-cat is over his virus so he is once again out and about.

the three new cats are doing well.

teddy is settling in..he is tempermentally a bit of an odd duck but I like him a lot.

jazzy, Fernando and pepper are doing ok over in the mp room...ali picked me up a cool baby moniter with a camera so I can hear and see them over there.

it is a far better mix in the computer room..tess and cc like it here...crash and the cats are happier and more relaxed. it was a good move.

I think that is all of the updates...I guess I better get dressed.



Really hoping all goes well with Daphe & this is something that can be treated/cured..Keep the hope floating everyone.

Side-note - Puff has a poo bum, Ali attempted to assist him with it yesterday & almost got taken down..brave girl that Ali :-)

Bunny Horne

Yesterday Ellie must have been feeling pretty darned good. I watched her fiddling around with the white tarp near the feed room, she pulled it down and was dragging it around. I think she was getting it ready for KO and Ali to hang up to dry out. Reminded me of a couple of years back when you had the blue tarp on the hog fuel and Ellie, Ziggy et played tug of war on it until there was nothing left.

Chevy looked like he was celebrating Diwali yesterday with his baby blue coloured head bandage. He's a good boy and a delight to be around. He was bombing around the riding ring and ran like a rocket to the lower pasture to the hay loft. He ran so fast that Joy actually decided to run too. KO said "I have never seen Joy run". Whatever pain med he is on - I want some.