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coping in rescue.

Carol  ·  Nov. 7, 2013

daph is most definitely not feeling well tonight..crap. we were cautiously hopeful this morning that maybe she was turning the corner..maybe not. we are taking her off the narcotics, I think they are too heavy for her...she can have tramadol instead. we are adding flagyl and Pepcid, and she stays on the high dose of Lasix for now. we will see how she does over the weekend and has a follow up appointment early next week.
hope still floating and daph is coping... so far at least.

I was reading a thread on another rescue facebook page and it got me thinking.
how do we cope when other rescues do things we really do not like. is how I cope..

there are things that happen in rescue that absolutely enrage me and others that just irritate the crap out of me.
number one on the enragement list is any rescue who does not take their animals back. I do not give a shit about the reasoning..if you placed that animal in the wrong home and they are trying to return better drop everything immediately and go and get it. and if you won't stand behind your animals..can you at least post that you don't on your website and be honest about it?
anyway...if you do dump your animal and I hear about it...I will most likely try to help that animal out and I will know you don't take your animals back..and I am unlikely ever to forget this.

stuff with the irritating factor...
I can't stand bullshit..i do what i say and shut up about stuff i don't. no one wants to listen to me yap on and on about how i know and do everything perfectly when obviously i don't...honesty really is the very best policy in this regard.

I don't waste time and energy picking on the rescue-ly challenged...chronic stupidity is not against the law AND it is pretty much incurable. i just leave them alone and avoid turning them into poor little picked on martyrs. eventually their stupidity becomes naturally well known by the demented things they continue to do and say and no one takes them seriously anymore anyway.

i don't point personal fingers..people are perfectly capable of sucking at shit and hanging themselves... all by themselves. they really do not need me or anyone else to be pointing it out or helping them out. I just make sure i do not suck..or at the very least... that i suck as little as possible. and i never attack anyone personally for any reason on any kind of public forum..i don't care how much dirt i think i have on is not worth the mud that spatters me back. I talk about issues...never individual rescues or people..slagging anyone personally is a really bad rescue habit and does not look good on anyone involved. oh and along the same vein..i keep clear of the lynching mob and pack up one with any brains likes or respects or trusts anyone in a rabid rescue cool clucks clan.

if i REALLY have a huge problem with something a rescue is doing (like when one "rescue"s dogs kept showing up over and over in local shelters and the "rescue" was not taking them back and i knew this was 100% true because the shelters were calling me to take some of them here instead...) i wrote an email to the rescue's board of directors to voice my displeasure and to lay the responsibility of these irresponsible actions squarely on their accountable plate. if i believed a rescue was not caring for their animals properly and animals were suffering in their care..i would put in a complaint to the SPCA cruelty dept and let them go and investigate...that is their job, not mine.

just because shit bugs me or i think it is totally wrong, does not mean i can cut loose and insanely go to town. we talk about professional standards in rescue...well part of that is acting professionally. how would a rational, educated, professional person be expected to behave?
well, they sure as shit won't be taking sly, barely concealed pot shots, spewing venomous or contemptuous crap on any public message board for everyone to read however much it may or may not be deserved...i take my cue on how to behave from this.

that's how i cope in this rescue world. god give me the brains to effectively step up and fix what i can and leave the rest of the messed up political shit to others to live thru if they can. i may not always be successfully 100% great at this all of the time but i really do try and practice makes perfect..eventually i hope.



we are looking at funding options is a bit of a process. hopefully something will work out. and linda..the septic field replacement guy said the same thing about grey water, he is looking at options to re-route it somewhere else. update on daphne in todays post Maggie..thx for worrying about her!


Carol, I'm so disturbed by the problem with your septic field that I spent half the night trying to figure out how I can help you. Are you a registered PetSmart Charity? They have grants for emergency relief but you need to be registered with them first. It is probably worthwhile looking into.

Is there someone who can look into getting some corporate funding perhaps with Save-On-Foods or London Drugs, etc?


God I hope some of the people on the rescue boards read tired of all the nasty shit, and people trying to attack others, while slyly saying how great they are themselves. Pffft. Best post on rescue I've read in a really long time!

Gentle hugs to Daph! <3