Rescue Journal

sorry no post last night

Carol  ·  Nov. 7, 2013

the power was out..not much you can do without power up lights. no computer, no pump for water so even a hot bath by flashlight was out. I just went to bed.

daph is up and down..she seemed better this morning, a bit low again tonight. I talked to dave (our vet who has been away) and he said, he thinks there is something going on underneath everything and she will most likely crash hard again and might not be close to getting out of the woods yet.

still trying to figure out short staffing issues..ongoing headache..lots of thinking, exploring all possible options, going on in my head.

the septic guys came back with their cameras...big trouble out in our septic field. I have someone coming tomorrow to give us an estimate on a new septic field that there is no way we can afford anyway but I guess we should at least know for real what it would cost and not just my guess.

bottom line? we cannot run an animal shelter here without a functioning septic system so I am a bit overwhelmed and depressed.

not really into blogging tonight..too many things are not going well and I just want to forget it all...thinking about bed again.


linda griffin

is there a way to separate the gray water from the washer to a different place than the septic field? would take the pressure off the field.... even if it was tanked and hauled away, could be cheaper than a new system...


I just had to replace my septic field, and it wasn't cheap. It's so nice not to have to worry about water everywhere though. I didn't have any time to research it, but maybe there is some sort of grant out there for environmental improvements or something like that. If there is anyone who can go through government grants, maybe there is something that will help.