Rescue Journal

bad night

Carol  ·  Nov. 11, 2013

I thought daph was better yesterday morning but last night she was shivery and refusing to eat again. my previously chubby babe has lost so much weight, I can feel her spine now. it is beyond upsetting.
I thought the septic was maybe ok cuz the toilet was for a couple of days easily flushing but last night it wasn't so easily flushing again. arghhh...that so totally sucks!

I had one long horrible dream last night with a terrible rainstorm blowing in thru broken doors, the power was out so I was trying to fix them in the dark. there was a strange man in the house that I couldn't see that kept talking nicely and trying to convince me he was a friend. I knew he wasn't safe because why would a stranger be in my house in the middle of the night when the power was out? I kept telling myself to wake up and get up cuz I knew it was a bad dream and then I thought I had woken up, gotten up and was standing next to my bed but not really cuz a couple of seconds later I realized i was not really up. I was still laying in my bed with the bed buddies and the dream just kept going again. it was a nightmare that would not end.

it did not help that I am fighting off a UTI AND the smoke detector kept beeping every couple of minutes and freaking some of the dogs out. crazy horse was so upset by it that she spent the night on my head. today I will grab a ladder and yank the freaking battery out. the alarm company is coming on Friday to fix it for us. was all in all a crappy night and I am glad it is done.



I was looking at the new photos of SAINTS on Facebook yesterday and was very dismayed to see how much weight Daphne has lost. She looks gaunt and her eyes just do not have the usual sparkle. I hope your vets can figure out what is going on soon. Best wishes for Daphne!