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Carol  ·  Nov. 11, 2013

do you guys realize what a convoluted, slippery slope rescue can be. the nice person who informed us of the improper use of our name from the company that was snubbing its nose at folks protesting the fur trade hopes one day saints will be vegan. it is a wonderful hope but we by necessity feed our cats and dogs meat products. now on the heels of the fur thing, someone else who loves dogs is offering to donate to saints some of the proceeds from their leatherwork business...there is no difference between fur and leather really.

honestly I could just cry. I want daphne to be well. I want baby to be safe. i want to find that perfect employee to care for our barn guys. and I want my god damn toilet to flush reliably.
i do not want to be dragged into the middle of all of the right and wrong in the world. i just want to be here, caring for these animals..the rest is too complicated and big for me.


Bunny Horne

I, like everyone else, is deeply concerned about fund raising and ensuring that we have sufficient $$$$ coming in to keep S.A.I.N.T.S. promise to the animals.
Congratulations to the hard work from Helga, Laura and the Scotia Bank and the many many others that continually give for the animals. Major thanks to those that are behind the scene working every day to raise funds for S.A.I.N.T.S. - Maggie and 1000 Saints, the Guardian Angels just to name a couple.
Most everyone I know these days have challenges financially. I like many of you have to hold down two jobs to make ends meet and am working on a third so that I can keep one step ahead of the "special assessment" AGMs, auto repairs and so that I can continue to give money to my favorite non-profits and to the street people in downtown Vancouver. No one is immune from the tight economy or financial stresses, job security etc. There is a lot of experience on the S.A.I.N.T.S. board so while it is no one's business, I assume that applications are continually in the works in an effort to secure every possible grant. It seems that it has been a long time since we received grant monies. I am aware that Maggie posted on the blog about 1000 Saints and monthly donations. 1000 Saints ALSO has donation boxes for businesses that would like to secure funds monthly. These boxes are over and above all the donation boxes maintained by the Guardian Angels. We have a few businesses in Vancouver that guarantee there will be $25 in the box monthly - if donations don't secure the $25 - the business tops up to ensure SAINTS receives the $25 minimum. I can report that in most instances the boxes pull in 2 X or 3 X the minimum monthly donation. If you know of any businesses that would welcome, and proudly display, a SAINTS Rescue donation box just pass on the name - there is a small team of people that can make it happen. Perhaps there needs to be a brainstorming session to strategize potential fund raising opportunities that aren't currently being looked at. Just some thoughts.


Off topic, Is S.A.I.N.T.S. in the Aviva Community fund? I just got my email reminder for round 3


Luke is a total sweetheart..he spent all day out at the barn with us and has the cutest softest face and can lose yourself in them. Really good manners when i was feeding jesse and spoon feeding the few others that were in the stall with us. I love him already !!


Sorry Carol, after we left I remembered about the battery and the smoke alarm.


hey you think beagle paws would crosspost jake and luke for us...they are both pretty sweet but slightly worn beagles who would like a true blue, we love beagles home.


One of my volunteers works for SMS Equipment. This year they donated $2500 towards Beagle Mania. You might try them to see if they would be interested in making a donation towards your septic field. Go to

Also we (Edmonton Beagle Paws) tried a walk-a-thon a few years ago. I had never done one before or even participated in one so I didn't really know what I was doing or what to expect. The concept is people get pledges for their dogs. Although it seems every charity in the country does a walk-a-thon we still managed to raise about $1000 the first year with less than a dozen dogs participating. I was shocked. It was basically no work on our behalf other than having pledge sheets available. Then we just showed up at the site and collected the money.

This past June was our 3rd walk-a-thon. We're now up to a whopping 15 dogs attending with their people but we still managed to raise $3400. Although we've turned it into a bit of an "event" with games for the dogs, etc., the walk-a-thon portion is a no brainer.



Well some people have to fall under the category of nutbar. This is like trying to change evolution to make cats and dogs vegans. The more pressing issue is the septic problem. Looking up on the internet reveals some info including putting on some sort of filter on a washing machine to help with lint that ultimately is released. Cutting down on laundry is helpful as well. I believe steps have been taken in that direction. In any event I hope the problem can be worked out without a huge monetary outlay.