Rescue Journal


Carol  ·  Nov. 13, 2013

jenn and I were discussing good karma. I told her I couldn't answer her first call cuz I was chasing a dog down the road in the dark. we both almost got hit by a car but luckily the guy stopped barely in time. it still took a bit for me to get my hands on the dog...but eventually I did. not sure if he was hit before I got him or if he has a bad back end or if he has been travelling for so long and far that he is just exhausted. someone is setting off firecrackers..i have heard several going off in the distance while I was trying to catch him. he most definitely looks like an outdoor dog and I dont think he is as old as he looks either.

I fed him and made him a super soft bed out in the shop. at first he looked very unsure and guilty getting on it but he eventually got the idea and laid down in makes me sad that tomorrow we have to report his finding to animal control and I dont think by the way he is looking and acting that he is going back to the very best of homes. maybe...maybe he has been lost for a long time and just had a really hard time of it. but what if he hasnt been lost that long and he is going back to home where he doesnt have a nice, safe, warm and super soft comfy bed. the thought of that is just so sad. breaks my heart to possibly send him back to a lifetime of not something great. but I dont really know what kind of home he came from and this is a problem for me. big sigh..whatever..he is not our dog and he is too young for here and his condition is borderline...could just be a long time lost dog or could be a dog from thoughtless care. and it will suck for him to live a lifetime in a thoughtless home cuz by the time I see him again in 5 or 7 years..he like black buddy, could well be worn away to nothing but careless and hopeless neglect by then. I see so many unnecessarily destroyed senior dogs.

anyway..very sad thoughts about the sad dog out in my shop aside...jenn and I were talking about karma and how come for all of the fairly decent things I try to do every karma so horribly sucks. she said maybe karma is just a pipedream like santa clause to try to make us feel better. I said maybe I am wrong in what i am thinking..maybe my karma is great. I have three healthy and happy kids and their wonderful spouses who love me...I have three absolutely incredibly great, happy and healthy grand kids...maybe my karma is pretty ok.

still I feel nervously shitty about that sweet dog out in my shop...please let his karma be good like mine and his missing family great!



haha mo, you can be my guest! jk, he looks like one of those red assed baboons, as thats the only spot they shaved. he looks ridiculous, but, no poo bum.


He wasn't by any chance a dark coloured hunting type dog was he ? Last Sunday when I was driving home, a dog darted out across Ferndale in front of me..he looked spooked & scared..his stub of a tail was tucked in between his legs. I pulled over & got out to try & help and *poof* it was like he disappeared. I drove around the area & side streets for 10 or 15 minutes but couldn't spot him anywhere. I hope he found his way back to wherever he came from.

I'll try & put a coat on Puff.. :-O


guess puff wont be a barn dog for awhile...i know I am sooo not putting a sweater on him. i ll put one on jeremiah every damn day before i even think of putting one on puff!


Carol, I have puff booked in for his shave tomorrow and I have to have him there for 8, so you will see me around 7:30 :)


Maybe no-one will come to AC to claim him. What happens to then, could you take him in Carol? Sounds as if he might have been sent to you (talking of karma/coincidence and all that stuff).


i had a look at the fb page for bcs missing pets, i dont see anything close to your description. and now im depressed at the helplessness of it all. theres so many. with some luck (or maybe karma), tommorrow someones going to reunited with their best friend. but if thats not the way of it, if he doesnt have a great home...does ac HAVE to release him to them?