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People's concern for Carol

Sheila  ·  Nov. 13, 2013

I received an email from a very concerned volunteer for Carol. She is going through a huge amount of stress right now and it shows in her blog writings. I decided to post my answer to the email here because I think people should be aware that the board of directors is not heaping all the grant writing, funding, getting in touch with vendors etc all on Carol's shoulders. Right now we are juggling trying to organize a bake sale, getting proper documentation to a potential private donor and getting a funding program off the ground for the septic tank and I am arranging the gala location for next year now.

Instead of rewriting in a more professional manner what I wrote in the email I am going to just copy over my answer.

It is hard for Carol because she lives on site and that stress I don’t think any of us can ever take away from her. Just to address your concerns though – Meghann Cant Bennett and I have been writing grants for SAINTS for a few years now and have managed to secure quite a few of the grants. Meghann, because she is a far better writer than I, is now doing the bulk of the grants now. Carol though rarely posts when we receive them. Also the board is heavily involved in making the decisions around the major projects (ie we are right now involved in looking at funding but we can only proceed when we receive professional quotes which are happening right now). Rest assured Carol is not alone in getting grants and or professional help. The stress you are reading is not that she is having to do this herself – it is the reality that it is her – no one else- that must walk out in the dark with a flashlight and use a port a potty.



I support SAINTS from a distance via 1000 SAINTS and I totally agree with Colin's statement: I have total respect for Carol and everything she goes through and puts up with for the sake of animals who have nowhere else to go. Love your honesty, Carol!


I think Carol is a Superhero. Some wear capes, some pee in porta potties in the dark. I have never in my life respected someone so much that I still haven't met in person. I love your blog and your honesty.


Lynne, Carol's last post on karma reflects what you have said here about her love towards the (Saints) animals & I haven't known her as link as you have but, I 100% agree


Phoebe runs with grace and beauty. I think the problem was my two fat left feet that fouled me up.


no one thinks that u are soley on your own, but at the end of the day it is just u. i have said that carol is one of the most honest people that i know, and i have known her for 7 years. she does not beat about the bush, she says it like it is, she is not afraid to say she was wrong or did not know what to do and she only has her animals best interests at heart. it sucks to get ragged on about stupid shit, but being a volunteer up there for so long, i see her for all that she is, and that is a warm caring person towards her animals and that is all that matters. in the end her love for her animals shows very much. i really hope carol you get to pee in your own toilet soon. lol


lol and too funny..that was your own fault!...dont run with phoebe, she is an idiot stick!


Sorry I couldn't resist. Must be the black eye I got last time I saw you that is causing me not to think straight.


hah..nice try! I can say shit because unlike the white boards posted at saints...this blog is not G rated!


yes..thx Sheila for writing this. and I am sorry about the misconception. folks need to know that I write of my own lived experiences and how I feel about shit at any given moment. I never meant for anyone to think that I was solely on my own and alone and no one was doing anything to help.
the board is together with me working to fix the problems..i am just whining and bitching about having to use a portapotty. and I will most likely continue fussing about it until I do not have to anymore because the reality of it totally sucks.
however rome (and septic systems) are not built (or funded) in a day.