Rescue Journal

i think that is a full moon out there..maybe why everything is so messed up right now.

Carol  ·  Nov. 14, 2013

busy, mind boggling day today...glad it is almost over.

new dog coming in..sort of an owner surrender. she gave the 4 yr old dog away to a relative 10 yrs ago because of severe allergies. the dog recently came back to her in pretty horrible shape so she has taken her to the vet and seen to the immediate stuff, had her groomed to be free of the fleas, feces and urine saturated matts. but she still can't keep her because her allergies are acting up badly already. she feels really badly that the dog has had such poor care. sounds to me like she has tried her best to do right by the dog 10 years after she re-homed her and take care of the most pressing physical needs. to be fair, she can't help it if she is highly allergic to dogs and cannot breathe. a 14 yr old dog with skin, eye, mouth and anal gland issues will not be easy to find a new home for so I said we would take her here..she arrives later tonight.

still waiting to hear back from the septic guys on what they discovered while poking around here today.

the shop dog went home. good thing because this morning he was acting all freaky and growling at the staff. he was ok once he got to know folks but not a good candidate for meeting strangers.I talked to the owner, he loves his dog and the dog was happy to see him. he said the dog was a biter so I count myself blessed he was nice to me when I was chasing him down and trying to catch him! he is going to take him into the vets and get him on some arthritic meds..the dog's name is bear and he was 12 years old.

oops..just got the call, new old wrecked dog is on her way to saints...gotta go.
she is here...cute little fuzz bucket thing...saints welcomes bumble bee.


another Doreen

Yes, Full Moon this Saturday and Sunday!
I'm so glad you were there for Bear and Bumble Bee!
It seems like you and S.A.I.N.T.S. will have a positive effect on both their lives!