Rescue Journal

heads up for tomorrow as i am working and won't be here...

Carol  ·  Nov. 15, 2013

the moniter for the pc isn't working. i am currently on the laptop but keep losing internet access on it so i may not be able to update anything in morning.

the roof is leaking badly in the laundry room PLUS the new washer machine is leaking too. i have the floor padded up for tonight but am assuming the roof and washer will keep on leaking til i can get someone out here to fix them after the weekend. if anyone can take laundry home it would help quite a lot.

i have no idea where my cell phone is...i had a super busy day today so it could be just about anywhere. if someone will please answer the house phone when it rings around 9-930 tomorrow morning i will try to give you my work cell number to call if anyone needs.

i am not working sunday BUT it is my only day off for the next 7 because i picked up extra shifts in mission on mon/tues. good freaking thing too!

the new dog bumble bee is not to be outside unsupervised, she is an escape artist.
luke the new beagle has food issues so if he is in the house during feeding times..kick phoebe over into the kitchen with odie and feed luke in the entranceway and don't let him back in my room until all canned food and bowls are removed.

thx guys,,hope everything goes alright!



I'd absolutely go with the suggestion that a hose needs to be tightened. There is no reason why a new washing machine should leak. Look for the simple solution first before calling in a plumber.


Is the monitor completely dead, if so there should be a warranty (3 years I think ) on it. You haven't had it that long. Would you like me to take a look on Sunday (if it's not dead that is)


As for the washing machine leaking, have you checked where the 2 water (hot and cold) connect to the machine? Maybe they just need tightening and not a plumbers bill.


Was just reading the earlier posts about the donor (re septic field). Does she wish to remain anonymous? How much still needs to be raised to cover the cost?


shawn theres 2 or 3 huge plastic bins in the shop (behind linen shelves), we have plenty of small and medium sizes, its the really large size we dont have many of. trouble with rain jackets is, they dont stay on, and they become tug of war toys. they also get hung up on stuff, like tree branches etc, it can be a safety issue. and a bunch of wet dirty dog sweaters is going to add to the laundry. i would say only the dogs that need sweaters should wear them (fernando, tina, boomer, nicky, phoebes, maybe one or 2 others) but they have to be taken off again when they get wet. your welcome to go thru the bins and bring a selection into the mp room if you want...


Just a quick are we doing for rain jackets and sweaters? I know of somewhere that is blowing them out at great prices. I picked up two new sweaters that I am bringing in today, but I could pick up more if needed. If anyone could let me know, I will pick up some more in various sizes. Thanks guys.


Carol if you lost your phone, you might not have gotten my message. Both Nikki and Boomer were shaved, I put sweaters on them both. I would put rain jackets on them if they are hanging out at the barn. Nikki still has her ear infections so she has to stay on the otomax and Boomer has ear infections too so he needs to start otomax as well. I made him a med card and bag. Have a good weekend :)


has the hose just come out again on the back of the machine. shawn and i duct taped it last weekend, maybe its loose again.


I guess Lukes good manners out at the barn last weekend was honeymoon period. Is bumble in your room ?