Rescue Journal


Carol  ·  Nov. 17, 2013

1. there are two stray mastiff type dogs in the shop...someone just brought them here a few minutes ago. I have set them up with beds, toys, food and water. please call animal control first thing in the morning and ask them to pick them up. also please ask them to tell the owners that I think the dogs have been fighting..the older one has a nick on the ear and the younger one is most definitely pushing him around so they may want to take steps to intercede.

2. I will pick up the laundry on my lunch break and run it thru the washers at the laundrymat..I will be bringing it home wet to be dried here, so please make sure the laundry baskets are clean so I can just throw the wet stuff back in to bring home.

3. remember I am taking daph in to the vets before I go to work so she won't be here.

4. also can someone call agwest and ask if it is alright to remove chevy's dressing because it hasn't fallen off like brent said it would and I am concerned if it is wet and stays on there too long it may breed infection in there.

5. and can someone please take down the black mesh tarp over the chicken pens..i am worried if it snows, the snow won't fall thru and it will be too heavy for the wire roof.

6. oh and Shannon will be in for 4 hours mon/tues/wed so Dionne does not have to work on her own after all.

thx and sorry for the big list!



Carol, squirt goes in tomorrow morning for his haircut, so I will be there about 7:30. Also did you get my email?

Brenda Mc

That "broken page" icon at he top of the page is the "Compatibility mode" icon - and it should be blue in color - and I only know this because at work we were having problems on the computer and we were told to make sure the compatibility mode icon was blue (clicking on it). I really don't know much about computers at all. but I'm learning.


I have been using Chrome or Safari in a Mac and all has worked well. I did set up an account with the Shelter Challenge site too (if that makes any difference). I have also seen that explorer is up to 11 now :=(


I just voted for the first time. I could never get past the system error message. This time after the system error message came up I hit the broken page icon at the top of the page and suddenly every thing came up fine.


I'm using Windows Internet Explorer and haven't had a problem voting so far.


The problems with the voting is if you're using Internet explorer 10 and a couple others. Not sure why thy didn't check it out first before switching it over.
I also can't login to the saints' account yet to personalize it more but that's on my to do list.


I've voted every day as well without problems. But the last couple of days the "vote" button has disappeared. If you just scroll down the screen a little, the SAINTS box appears and you can vote there.

Brenda Mc

I must be lucky - I have been able to vote everyday in the Shelter Challenge. - no problems


Well, I was able to vote in the Shelter Challenge several times last week - but today the 'VOTE' button is gone again. I'll just try to check every day and if the button is there I will vote. That's the best I can do. . .