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just a quick post

Carol  ·  Nov. 21, 2013

cuz I am super frustrated by life in general right now.

we lost the last of the classy chicks today..this morning Dionne noticed she was not looking well and brought her inside into a cage. she passed away a couple of hours ago.

new cat in...daisy is a senior with unclear health issues...was maybe diabetic, then seemed like it was cushings (but cushings is so very rare in cats that I want to test her further) she has some lung issues ?asthma? and is on an inhaler..we will get her in next week and see what our vets make of her.

the vets were out today to check chevy, Elizabeth and gilbert..he had a look at our sick little chick too.

we are still doing trial shifts while seeking our newest staff team member..i am hoping to make a decision in the next few days.

the septic thing still royally sucks.

I am still working way too much and find my stuff that I need to be doing is piling up....just have to get thru the weekend and then a couple of days off to catch up will be good.

and I think that is all of the recent news.



So sad that the last of the classy chicks are gone. Humans tampering with their need for cheap and fast food were not kind to our non human animal family.

another Doreen

Aw, poor little classy chick! At least she had a much longer and better life at SAINTS than she probably would have otherwise.

And can you make a note to yourself somehow to reread this post the next time you consider taking on more shifts? ;)
I can barely get through my regular work week most of the time, and I don't have a fraction of the home work you do!