Rescue Journal

ouch, oops, and welcome.

Carol  ·  Nov. 23, 2013

I got a little pissed off at nickster the trickster at bedtime..I was trying to get out of the mp room back door and nick was rushing to go out with me and I was trying to stop her. OUCH! to my back as the gate latch impaled me.

"jeezus freaking chrissakes, that hurt! goddam it! get away from the friggin door you blonde dimwitted moron!!"

good thing she is deaf or I might have hurt her feelings.

jake was still out in the bottom field, he would not come when I called we were done. I was INTENDING to go back for him and drag him up the hill when I was done settling the mp building but the new pain in my back drove all thought of him out of my head. I did suddenly remember him like 2 hours later when I was lying on the bed watching tv with the bed buddies and started getting pissed at him for barking outside constantly.

"what the hell is that blasted beagle barking at?!..oh shit..i left him out in the field!!"

I jumped out of bed, put on my slippers and bathrobe and went to find took a while cuz he was pissed at being forgotten. it is extremely difficult to find a mostly black beagle in the dark who has decided to bugger off into the shadows under the darkened trees just to get even with me.

whatever..I got him and he is toasty warm on his bed again. next time he should come when I call.

new dog coming in...had a call from the vet clinic tonight. a 13 yr dog is in ketoacidosis with a bloodsugar over 40. he belonged to an 85 year old senior who due to his own health and aging issues, is not able to care for a newly diagnosed diabetic. I imagine the dog will need to stay in the vets for a few days so I don't expect to bring him home yet.

welcome new guy...sorry I forgot to ask your name.