Rescue Journal

just a real quickie update

Carol  ·  Nov. 25, 2013

I have a ton of laundry to dry and fold (but thank gawd I didn't have to wash it...thank you so much shelagh for braving the laundry mat on your day off!)

I did not euthanize chance...I couldn't do it. he was having a good day and I think we can give him some more good days if we put a creative chance plan in place.

daph and angel's vet visit did not bring home great news. daph's chest was full again so the vet drained off some of the fluid. he really thinks there is an underlying cancer somewhere. the plan is to keep her at weekly checks and drain off her chest as she needs it done. tonight she is feeling really good and is back to little miss bossy so we will see how long this helps to keep her feeling well.

angel had some more bloodwork, the vet is concerned about her kidney function.

the vet came out to see chevy..he has an infection starting in his open horn holes. the vet re-bandaged it, and started him on antibiotics, he will re-check him in a couple of days.

gary is in at the vets and renee will pick him up tomorrow when she drops off gabby and crash goes in later in the morning.

our new little fuzzy buddy was euthanized today. the vet felt after three days of aggressive treatment, he wasn't really improving so rather than let him suffer with very little hope left, we decided to let him go. rest in peace little one, I am sorry we couldn't help you.

I met with the new company that we are hiring to take on regular pest control up here. I am tired of worrying about rodent population control and just want someone to take over the duty for me. I also met with the electrician because we had another sparking burnt out electrical outlet in the house and I want them all checked before we have another fire. plus we received a grant from the abbotsford foundation to finally get electricity into the chicken areas...safer then extension cords when using heat lamps in the winter months. our septic guru came up and we did a walk around, planning where they need to be and where we would put the animals while they are working. he starts here tomorrow.

I think that is just about all of the news from today.