Rescue Journal


Carol  ·  Nov. 28, 2013

9 years ago, I learned how to remove roadblocks. after my relationships in another rescue endeavor had crashed and burned (they are better now...old wounds healed on both sides)..i rose out of the ashes, free from the buts that were jamming me up and keeping me from getting anywhere.

if I sat here and came up with all of the reasons that taking in a new dog right now is not a good idea and highly inconvenient..that wouldn't help the dogs very fact, it would not help them at all.

I hear it all the time..i would LOVE to take so and so home but.....and but...and more buts...

so.... so and so stays here and probably ends his or her life here like hundreds of others and isn't that just so sad. they died before all of the stars and moons could align into perfect harmony for someone who might have loved them til heaven.

I remember that woman who kept sending me emails wanting to adopt moses, but the timing was always just off and she needed to wait a while. I finally told her to quit emailing me until she was actually ready to take him home. finally the timing was perfect and she emailed me two years after his death. gee, I bet moses appreciated that.

we have animals here who do not need to be here. yes they are old or imperfect but their issues are easily manageable. take pepper who bites strangers for hard is it to toss that boy onto a bed and shut the door when someone has visitors. he is not going to bite the family he loves...he is just going to bite anyone else so send him to the bedroom for a couple of hours. is that so terrible?..worse then living his whole life as a homeless unwanted dog in a shelter?

what about both nicki's? jake? luke?..none of them have anything too horribly wrong..nothing not manageable. but still no one will probably ever take them home..they are ok here. are they?

I get why we will have to provide a lifelong home for odie...even for jazzy. who wants a screaming, hyperactive biting little daxi who leaks streams of pee and shoots pooh balls out her butt? and who wants a balding, biting, blind, diabetic, hypothyroid, freak out husky? most likely no one except for me.

pick many of the other dogs here...just mention their name and someone will say...oh I love her/him. but they won't offer him or her a home because of but's.

and he or she will die here.

I have had such truly great dogs here that no one ever looked twice at...remember lexi...THE VERY BEST DOG IN THE WHOLE ENTIRE WORLD! I finally adopted her the year before she died..there was no way I was letting her die unwanted...she was a treasure.

I understand that we all reach our limits and our homes are full of all we can handle. BUT...let that be the reason why an animal cannot find a home. don't use when we come home from vacation, when we retire, when things are less busy, when we have more time. those things are work-around-able...those are movable obstacles if we choose to remove the obstacles.

wishful thinking never gave any animal anything of value because wishes are not real.

murphy died today. Kathy adopted him from us 5 years old, sick, partially blind and deaf cocker who was homeless. 5 years later he died as a much loved family dog who left a big hole behind in the hearts of those who loved him...he was almost 17 years old.

murphy was a lucky dog, the word BUT did not deny him the home of his dreams.

rest in peace murphy, thanks and hugs to your family.



I agree Lynne, old dogs rock! I met Shep just an hour or so after he arrived yesterday and again today and he is so laid back and mellow. He was sleeping by the fireplace again, it must me his special place, but got up for a snuggle. If Sam accepted other dogs on his 'turf' I would be asking permissin to bring him home.


and that shep has to be such a good sweet dog. he was sleeping by the fireplace, all cozy with the warmth. it was a heart warming sight. cant understand why these old dogs get left behind. give me an old one anytime. speaking of good dogs, my jelly has to be one of the best i have ever met. her heart is so full of love for pretty much everyone. i am so glad i took her home.


im so sorry. i do remember murphy and yes thankyou kathy. you have a very big heart. rip little boy.


So sorry to read of the passing of Murphy..RIP good dog..((hugs)) to his family who gave him a loving home to live out his life..and spread cocker love.


Yes, I recall many years ago when Murphy stole your heart....what a sweet boy he was. Thanks for giving him a loving home....hugs to u Kathy and your family

Brenda Mc

I remember Murphy.... So sorry Kathy - 5 years of cocker love! He must have been a very happy boy being part of your family. Hugs to you