Rescue Journal

new dogs

Carol  ·  Nov. 28, 2013

ole shep arrived..he was asleep on the karunda bed by the fire when I got home...super nice dog.

there is another new dog coming in..i am not too happy about it but the poor little bastard at least deserves a decent chance. he was brought into one of our vets for euthanization. he is a 6 yr old unneutered terrier type with a long history of biting who today bit the face of a 13 month old when the child fell on him. he was described by the owners friend as an asshole who sucks with people and dogs.

so here is an unneutered terrorist dog who probably grew up in a home without even the basics of K9 knowledge or experience and at a mere 6 years of age his life is over because no one thought to neuter him, teach him simple manners and keep a young innocent child out of his way.

nothing like setting the dog up to fail.

I am a sucker for unfair lost causes with every card in the deck stacked against them. maybe we can't handle him here, maybe I too will be taking him in to euthanize one day soon, maybe it is already too late for him...but maybe not. I am willing to at least give him a shot and see what happens.

he is being neutered tomorrow...I will pick him up on Monday so that I am around to see what we get.

hope floats for this little throw away dog...get the pup, screw him up and then make him forever disappear.

problem is solved.


maybe the REAL problem is still there.



Carol. someone else's mess up once again ends up in rescue. When if they had spent the time and effort as a youngster he would have been a super little dog I'm sure. Instead Saints has to pick up the bits and we wish him and you all the best.

Lenore Henry

It sounds like ole shep has found a little piece of heaven to call home. I sure hope it works out for him and the new terrier - thanks Carol for all you, your staff and volunteers do to give these dogs a second chance.

shelagh f

my friend and I were out at Chilliwack today to pick
up puppies and Ivanna said she would be watching to
see what you wrote about old Shep. I'm glad old
Shep has come to Saints, my old dog from the spca and is
my best bud, well past his best before date. Hope
the other new little guy will find a spot to settle.
I don't envy you trying to find where he will fit if
he isn't good with other dogs. You are a glutton for