Rescue Journal

oh and...

Carol  ·  Nov. 29, 2013

I just checked the weekend weather forecast...cold and raining. so please do not shut and lock the dogs out of the house while cleaning..everyone will just have to work around them. we do not need any of the old farts getting pneumonia because they got too wet and cold while everything was totally messed up here. thx.



I think there a quite a number of volunteers that do not read the blog. Maybe nicole should add in any notes from you that everyone should be aware of with the final schedule on Fridays. That way you can be sure everyone knows. Assuming everyone reads their email of course.


not everyone reads the blog, so I think we need to make sure everyone knows each day NOT to use the plumbing in there. thx for turning it off guys.


Hi Carol, when I was putting dog food in the shop this morning, I saw water coming out of the bathroom. The toilet was running and overflowing. So Laura and I got the water to it turned off and I mopped up the water as best as I could in the bathoom and the shop area ( thats why the rug is folded back) Thought I should let you know. Hope you had a a good day!


csrol i promise i wont make any of the dogs stay out in the miserable weather lol i did in on fri and worked around them just fine.


and house ppl dont forget crash and shep dont understand the whole carpet covering the doggy door thing, they can go out but cant come back in, you gotta open the door for them :)