Rescue Journal

housekeeping stuff

Carol  ·  Nov. 30, 2013

the frail cat room door not only was not also wasn't latched...just a reminder to double check all doors and locks when entering and leaving any areas, rooms or pens...if one of them had wandered out and gone thru the mastiffs gate...we would have had a dead cat and two dead dogs. we absolutely cannot be careless with the doors to the cat pens in there.

also please leave the black manure fork right next to nuggets is not for cleaning, it is a rooster deterent. I got hit with a full on rooster attack and the fork was on the other side of the pen. this is the first time he has ever gone for me AND it is the first time I have entered that pen without the fork in hand. please leave it by the gate so I don't get attacked by a pissed off rooster ever again. by the time I got the bloody thing in my hands, I was seriously tempted to spear the little bastard...lets keep nugget safe.

that stupid two handed thing on the goats pen gate tonight is not the correct clip...the proper clip is actually attached to the was hard to see so I can see why it was missed...but so everyone knows for is there.

with the pissing down rain and everyone out of sorts, it was a not fun bedtime...GAWD! I can't wait til all of this septic stuff is finally done.



Sorry Carol, as Team Lead in MP Room, I should double check all areas before I leave. I assumed that they would all be latched...but you know what ASSumed means. Next Saturday I will double check.