Rescue Journal


Carol  ·  Dec. 1, 2013

man, I sure am dragging my butt this morning..i am crashing and burning on at least one of my two days off this week.

I talked to the vet yesterday about daphne..her breathing is starting to get labored again...we are going to up her Lasix to 30 mgs to hold her til her next fluid tap tomorrow.

I said.."this is not going to just go away and get better, is it?" he said "no it is not. there is something bad underneath this..we just can't find it."

I find I can live in denial about the reality of losing daphne in the near future when her breathing isn't too bad. but at night when I hold her and can feel her effort to get air just makes me feel so heartbreaking lost, alone and sad. I guess I am starting to grieve in anticipation of the loss I see coming...daph is my family.

daisy is sick...I pulled her out from under the couch Friday night because I couldn't see if she was eating under there. I wasn't sure if she was just overwhelmed or not feeling well. last night when I checked her I can see she is not well, and now that she is caged again, I can see she is not eating. I have started her on meds and will watch her closely and start force feeding tonight if she doesn't eat. once she is better, I am moving her out,,either to the frail cat or medical room, the house is too much for her.

well I better get my ass into work.



I paid a short visit into the bed buddies, big dog & Mp room before leaving on Sunday.. was really missing having the dogs out at the barn with us. Tina did have some treats & i wish I could have hung out on the bed with them for a while..with these old guys , you need to take every opportunity to love them up, I would be heartbroken if someone passed & i hadn't told them how special they were on my last visit.


Sending healing thoughts to Daphne. I call her the photo bomber as it seemed this summer and fall she somehow managed to get her cute little face into many pictures that weren't really focusing on her! Please feel better sweet girl, I would miss you and I only love you thru photos...I can only imagine the loss of someone who has and does hold you every day.
Gentle hugs to everyone at SAINTS....furry, feathered,"sweatered" etc etc. xoxo


I think she will be fine carol in a couple of days, I caught her within the first 24 hours and started her on meds. it makes such a big difference if we can catch stuff early with the old guys, they can crash so quickly. she really is a lovely girl and i think she will ultimately do better in a quieter area...away from preacher...he is always stirring up shit and even tho it is not with her..I think it stresses her out.

Brenda Mc

Carol: There is a Xmas gift bag on top of the fridge. Priscilla dropped it off today as she is not able to come to the Volunteer Christmas get together next Sunday. It is a gift for the Secret Santa exchange - and there is an envelope inside with CASH in it to pay for her dinner that she ordered from Ann. So, she said the money can pay for someone else to go in her place -She ordered a vegetarian dinner. Very thoughtful of her, instead of just not coming. So please see if anyone can use it, or someone can bring an extra person. Thanks
By the way, Shep is a lovely old boy! - and Tina did not eat very much. I tried her with different things - maybe her nose was out of joint because she couldn't go out to the barn to see Mo! Hope that's all it was and she decides to eat soon.

Carol McGrath

So sorry to hear that Daisy is not well. I met her when she was at the Vancouver Branch of the SPCA (I volunteer there), and we all loved her. We were glad to hear that she would be spending her remaining time with you.