Rescue Journal


Carol  ·  Dec. 4, 2013

the septic is almost done...just a few tidy up details today then they are gone. THE FENCE POST POUNDING WAS A NO GO...TOO ROCKY THERE AND THEY BROKE 2 POSTS WITHOUT GETTING THEM IN.
oops sorry...hit caps.

anyway...I will call today and get in a rent a fence until we come up with plan B so the guys can get back out into the field. and I guess I can get the portaporty hauled away too...that will be good.

I pretty much did nothing yesterday but I did take care of that mountain of laundry clogging up my personal space.

i got pretty damn sad when I was stripping the pee pads off my bed. you'd think it would be a relief but its not. I would give anything to still have daph leaking on there. I did leave a couple because tina and jerry are so freaking old, they can't always get off the bed in time. but its not the same.
roxy took daphnes spot in my arms last night...little and black and tan but that is where all similarity ends. and I felt bad because I wanted rox to be daph.

both shep and darby are doing well...they had really smooth adjustments to here. the vets are coming back out to see chevy, he is still having issues with one of the de-horned sites.

the pest control guy came out and set up the bait traps in the outer areas. this week was so up in the air that I never got around to putting up little safe fenced in areas inside the perimeter fences. I will try to get to that on Saturday in prep for next week when he comes back.

so all areas are officially up and running with both water and septic need to come and pick up the laundry anymore...big thx to all of our laundry fairies who really went above and beyond and helped us out!

daisy is holding her own so that is good news. hopefully she will be back to her old self in a day or two and then we can get her moved.

well..i better google search for the portapotty and rent a fence numbers so I can call them as soon as I get into work.

one cute story I heard from yesterday...

ellie was so cold she was shivering. so the staff gave her a pillow and wrapped her up in three wool blankets to help her feel warm. once she decided she was good to go and ready to get up, it had to be now. chris said she blew a freaking gasket, started screaming and ripping up her blankets and eyeing her water bucket to toss. chris said that was the first time she had seen the diva princess ellie tossing a full royal fit.
it made me chuckle..i really love that pig. she has her own timetable and agenda revolving around the care she is to get and she is not settling for anything less. her motto is...pitter patter, lets get at her...NOW!


Bunny Horne

I am surprised KO hasn't purchased a posturpedic mattress for her Royal Highness. A lovely mattress and Dania Down duvet and Miss Ellie might never come out of her stall.
YAY - laundry fairies.
Thank goodness you have the essentials of life again - running water and a toilet.

Kevin B

Ellie was definately Princess yesterday, let her out with the horses and 2 minutes later she was back inside.. in her the sheep pen...the horse stalls... She was stubborn and shivering wanting in the top field where the septic guys are working, even though she was cold she wanted out even more... so she got to walk around with a wool cape. I wrapped her with blankets and hay at night so all I could see was her face.She seemed quite content. She definately loves attention! Tried putting some blankets on the pot-bellies but they thought the blankets were attacking them and Teddie briefly tried to kill the deadly blankets. I will see if the blankets survived the night