Rescue Journal


Carol  ·  Dec. 5, 2013

last night I was dumping money down the sink...figuratively, not literally.

when I came home last night, there was an unknown cat laying in our driveway, he took off into the bushes and shadows. so is he a lost stray? a new neighbor cat I don't know? I have no idea but I know it was freaking cold!
I call out to him, he answers back..i ask him to come to me, but he stays hidden where I can't see.
I tried for quite a while to get him to take a risk but he wouldn't. and I can't just walk away from a possibly lost and cold cat without giving him some kind of chance for a better opportunity.

so I go into the shop and open up the garage door a few inches..i set up some food and water bowls and a nice bed right inside of the doors. and I crank up the heat so he can find some warmth, even tho I know most of it is going back out the open garage door.

if that cat didn't come in, I guess at least some not so shy rat, appreciated the open door, warm bed and dinner laid out for him.
hopefully at least some cold and hungry creature got the benefit of our increased heating bill last night.
lets be honest...I am biased....I do hope it was that cat that I just wasted a whole nights shop heat on last night.


Cathy Thomas

It is minus 25 here tonight and I am very worried about the stray cay I have been feeding. I can't get near him, otherwise I would put him in the garage. :(


damn caps.


I would do the same, Carol - I hate seeing cats roaming around outside and not knowing whether they have a home and just want to be out, or whether they're cold and hungry :( There's an orange male tabby constantly in my yard hanging around my birdfeeder and although he's not skinny, he looks a little bit beat up. I always wonder whether he has a home that cares and somewhere warm at night....


my motto is...see a stray and pick him up and all the day you will have good luck!

our stray did go into the shop..erin found him under the bed in the hideaway suite. he is currently in the medical room freaking terrified but I need him out of the shop before they start banging away taking the roof off tomorrow.
we will see if anyone is looking for him..if not, he can go back to the suite and be our new shop cat. no cat should ever have to try to survive alone and friendless out on the streets.


There is also a really good face book site called Missing BC Pets or something close to that. Many postings of found and missing animals. Lots find their way home thru this site.


We have fed two strays recently too. One was from Abbotsford who somehow ended up in Mission. He had been missing for six weeks and I found the owner because he was tattooed. How he got to Mission is a mystery, the other one is a stray that goes between my house and another lady who lives two doors down, just a young cat.

I agree with Lynne, you would think the old owner would take the cat back.


god would you evaer think the owner might give the cat a second chance i cant imagine knowing the animal u gave awaay is abandoned and u do nothing about it. theres a good consience for u.


Poor cats - I'm feeding another stray right now, too. So many of them around, it breaks my heart. I'm putting him in my warm shed at night, because it's so cold outside. He has a tattoo and we traced the original owner through Hill 'n Dale vet, but the owner said she gave him away years ago, so the trail has gone dead. The vet records say the cat is "deceased" (I can vouch he isn't, he was so hungry on the night he came onto my deck that he ate four bowls of food in one go!!!)


no..the black and white guy lives across from the school...this was a dark tabby with a shortend fluffy tail...I have never seen him before.