Rescue Journal

it was a pretty tough day around saints today

Carol  ·  Dec. 6, 2013

the absolutely freezing weather is tough on everyone, animals and staff.
the loss of granny sucks.
owen, teddy, maestro, and crash all had vet stuff. crash had a hard time recovering from his anesthetic today and he is still pretty out of it even now.
gilbert took a turn for the worse also today..kevin got him all set up safely and warmly in the shop and stayed late until the vet had come and gone. I have been running back and forth out to the shop to check on him. he is currently laying down and I think he will be ok (I hope) until morning because I really do want to go to bed and I am dreading having to have to go back out into freaking freezing windy land over and over again.

all of the staff ended up working late today..kevin and dionne busy with gilbert, renee was grabbing the clinic guys, getting them home and settled and then waiting til I was home again before she left crash alone. I had to call erin to ask if she could come back up and watch gilbert and crash when I took granny to the vets (omg! she didn't tell me she and her family were out for dinner but she came up anyway!). I can't tell you what a relief and how very lucky we are to have such dedicated staff who all put our animals needs first. thank you all freaking rock!

the roofers came today and left after an hour...apparently it is far to cold and windy to roof right now and honestly, I can't blame them at is just about killing me to run to and from the shop!

when is it going to warm up cuz this horribly cold spell totally sucks?????!!!!!



gee janet...I honestly would just stay holed up in the house if it was that freaking cold here! brrhhh! I HATE being cold.

another Doreen

Yay for SAINTS Wonderful Staff and Volunteers!
You (and Carol) all rock!

janet nicholson

Oh Carol - I also hope it warms up soon. This morning, in Brandon Man. it is -30 but add in windchill and we are at -41. Hope Carl is not feeling the cold too badly!