Rescue Journal

on frozen ground

Carol  ·  Dec. 7, 2013

both the barn and the shop's water pipes are frozen..please god don't let the house pipes freeze too or we will be totally screwed!

we ended up running a hose from the computer room closet out to the yard and the poor barn folks had to do a water bucket assembly line, that had to suck and I suck too cuz I did not go out and help them! I tried to get jenn to go out and take a photo but she wouldn't cuz it was too cold. like mother like daughter I suppose...we both freaking hate being cold!

I am pretty sure that if carl gets into the cow barn before the cows he will be a total jerk and not let them in. I do not want the cows freezing their asses off so I implemented plan B. it is time for chevy to join the herd 24/7 so after he had eaten his grain, I opened his door. now if carl goes into the cow barn, the other guys can go in with chevy and get out of the cold!
hah!I am way smarter than your average fuzzy self centered llama..he can only take over one building at a time.

it is a bit early to put the mp building to bed..i did the barn guys early so they could warm up but the mp guys are already nice and warm and I will do them later.

my poor property looks like a moonscape...all ripped up, dented up, beaten up and frozen hard as a freaking rock.

I cannot wait til spring to fix it!



sure I will take the ride..thx! that guarantees I won't forget to go! you pick the pick up time and I will try to be ready.

janet nicholson

Oh Carl - you selfish devil you - not sharing your warm barn with the cows - that is so mean - I'll bet you let the sheep in though - good thing Carol knows how to outwit you.


I'm with you on the "I hate being friggen cold" thing - can't wait for spring! Just wondering if you would like a ride to the dinner tomorrow night? Just lemme know yes or no and what time... Thanks. I miss you all and look forward to tomorrow night!