Rescue Journal

update on gilbert

Carol  ·  Dec. 7, 2013

I talked to the vet...bloodwork is back, his potassium levels are ok so his bladder is not the issue. he does have a cellulitis and infection in his back foot so it looks like this is mostly what is bringing him down and some dehydration with mild kidney problems too. he is on antibiotics and pain meds and I am to try to find whatever he likes to bump his fluid intake up. I tried him with ice tea..that was a no go. then I tried him with watered down, warm apple and cinnamon oatmeal and he took some of that. lynn is picking me up some apple juice, Gatorade and more oatmeal packets. the vets will be back out on Tuesday for another long acting antibiotic injection..i will give him more metacam by injection tomorrow to help with the pain. HOPEFULLY he will feel a great deal better in a few more days with the meds well under his belt.

hang in there gilbert, be good and drink some more please and we will do whatever we can to get you sorted out.



I hope he feels better soon. He looked pretty uncomfortable this morning when I fed him and gave him fresh water. Love this guy so hope he's up and about soon.


I will try to pick them up on my lunch break on Monday..cross my fingers and hope to remember but remind me anyway. he was drinking a bit more tonight. oh and kevin? since I am giving him a metacam injection tomorrow...his next ones will be tues/thurs/sat..then hopefully we can go back to mon/wed/fri/ like everyone else the following week.

Kevin B

Glad to hear Gilbert is doing ok. There is some honey in the treat bin that you can try if he is still not drinking or I can pick up some molasses if he is still not interested tomorrow. Carol we will need to get some horse pellets and timothy cubes probably tuesday


put them in the mp room fridge..thx bunny. and yes he can have a granola bar..but only one cuz I have to watch his sugar intake because of sweetening up his fluids.

jenn just named her bobbi (corkscrew bobcat tail) she is still pretty nervous and shy but she is super sweet.


Hang in there Gilbert - I can't wait to see you tomorrow.
Carol I have some nonGMO healthy granola bars for the goats ... Hopefully Gil will be able to have one .. He LOVES them.
Ann passed on the name of a generous donor that had meds. We connected on Wed. She had lots of meds and other treats for saints. Most of the meds require refrigeration .. Where do you want Brent to put the meds tomorrow?