Rescue Journal

yay erin! movie maker extraordinaire!

Carol  ·  Dec. 10, 2013



Not to be a downer but, you have to be careful with the music you use for video's on youtube. Ask Jen, I think a few of her previous video's were removed due to copyright infringement


Lovely slide show! Lovely animals! Who is the sweet apricot poodle?

(Erin, what software program did you use to put this together?)

Ellen Nickerson

Such a beautiful set of photos and with my favourite music too. Fernado is still running through my head.


Lovely, lovely, lovely......thumbs up Erin you have captured the essence of saints.


Way to grab the heart Erin!! those pics really capture the soul of our precious crew singing out that perfect song for them….


well i made this one (more or less) of the adoptables only, hence the song. i was waiting to see your response before i made more. couldnt have done it with the one and only...jenny hine. is it just me, or does the boomer pic just blow you away?!


thank you Carol. if I didn't live half a continent away I would come and beg for them both... and Whiggy too!


oh and I want another one with ellie, and june, and chance, and annie, and mystic...maybe daph?


hi Suzanne...that is bonnie blue eyes and the blind little munchkin (photo 2) is TED Z.


That was fantastic and I loved the music you chose!!!! I want them all too! Excellent Erin!


OUTSTANDING!!!! I wonder if any of the TV stations would run that for you? I think it's Bea who has the very striking blue eyes! and who is the #2 furkid? great job !