Rescue Journal

new old dog

Carol  ·  Dec. 13, 2013

it has been a couple of shitty rescue days considering I pretty much never got off the couch. I did go down to the clinic to be with bonnie when the vet called and said it was her time. two losses in less than 24 hours ranks right up there with all time rotten days.

I try telling myself, if you are going to keep doing the oldies, there is no point in whining about all of the losses involved.
whatever, the fact of the matter is... senior animal rescue sometimes sucks.

we have a new old guy...his name is scratch (which I do not like very much.) he is an 11 yr old arthritic staffy. nice dog except he keeps hogging the couch. he also starts yowling and barking whenever I leave the room..big freaking baby. he was a cruelty seizure for medical neglect..all he really needed was some daily pain hard is that? apparently it was a big deal. sometimes people suck more than rescue does.
chris told me that in pitbull fighting circles, "scratch" is the term used for the bait dogs...nice.. so someone named him that??
anyway.....he is laying on my brand new super duper softy blanket that I bought myself when I started feeling utterly exhausted and sick...(damn it....I still wanna lay with it!)
he is nice like winning the lotto and I am sure he will like it when I one day take him to mcdonalds so his new, slightly longer name is "Mr. McScratch and Win."
he can still be "scratch" for short since he knows it.

he better not carry on like some poor old helpless abandoned dog when I go to bed, he's got the couch, my blanket and pillow, that's enough of my comfy stuff to see him thru til morning and i am not feeling up to introducing him to everyone else yet...maybe tomorrow.