Rescue Journal

updates..better late than never.

Carol  ·  Dec. 13, 2013

I am down with a stomach flu...the first 24 hours have gone past, and it looks like another 24 hours is yet to be. I am not a happy camper.


teddy...bloodwork is is totally wonky in pretty much every way. he needs to go back in for a cushings test.

owen..his bloodwork wasn't too bad but the vet is wondering about a possible brain tumor. we are to watch him.

riley..his bloodwork was good which is actually bad news because he has some big stuff going on. because of the blood in his urine and because of his sudden, on going cough..the vet said cancer of the bladder with lung mets is a very real possibility. and bottom line is..i am not going to sedate him to find out. my geriatric and very sensitive dog rule not go looking for something you cannot or will not fix. we have put him on antibiotics and increased his pain meds and we will see how he does.

luke had his dental..he lost a total of 14 teeth but is recovering well.

daisy is still fighting off her virus but she is hanging in there ok.

I had an update on orion and Passat and they are both doing ok in their new foster home.

gilbert is recovering nicely and may be able to go back out to the barn next week.

I think that is all of the updates.



Carol, I love your rule "do not go looking for something you cannot or will not fix".
When my 16 year old dog was in obvious discomfort with passing urine and, increasingly, bowel movements, our wonderful vet gave me similar advice. Previous xrays had shown a problem in the prostate. The vet said that we could do blood tests, biopsies, scans, etc. but if this was his dog he would take him home and love him for as long as possible. We did that and, when life became to burdensome, helped our lovely old boy pass peacefully.
I am forever grateful to our vet for his common sense and advice and thankful that we didn't go looking for something we could not fix.

janet nicholson

So sorry you are sick,Carol - hope it leaves you quickly. Riley - one of my favorites - I hope he is OK - but if not, he has had a good life (but short) with you guys - and every day with little pain is a bonus for Riley. But who knows - he may be OK - let's hope and pray for another Christmas miracle.


Good to hear about Orion & Passat as they needed a lot of human contact and attention. Makes me Fuzzy