Rescue Journal

the new guys

Carol  ·  Dec. 14, 2013

new dog is awake and pitching a fit cuz I am not in there with him. he slept like a freaking 60 pound log pushed up against my back so I could barely move. I already have the shifting of scratch from room to room down to a fine art.
"odie? sweetie?? you wanna go outside?"
if he cooperates and goes out, I can then slip scratch to and fro thru the kitchen..if he doesn't cooperate and doesn't want to go outside, scratch is SOL and has to stay where he is. you never know with odie if he will do what you want him to do or just basically ignore you. he's a husky.
anyway...apparently I have a new shadow dog and that kind of sucks cuz he is not small enough for me to pick up and carry thru the danger zone.
you can bet once odie figures out that I have an ulterior motive in frequently letting him out, he is going to plant his partially naked butt and refuse to move.
whatever...scratch is a super nice (if somewhat needy) dog. hopefully someone who works from home and likes shadow dogs will want to adopt him soon. hope floats.

I do have to say tho that as far as new dogs go...shep is like the very best of the best of new dogs.
he is kind, he is patient, he is calm and he is a very, very sweet, gentle, and EASY dog.
if I had my choice on the dogs I would rescue, every single one would be exactly like shep...great worldly, soul sucking in eyes, old grizzled, worn out faces and grown up, fully mature and wisdom soaked spirits without a bunch of wing nutty stuff thrown in.

darby is doing well. its too bad he has a bite history behind him because that is such a big strike against him in the human world even tho he has shown no sign of it here. he really is a very nice dog. hopefully someone will soon fall in love and give him the right home this time around. hope floats for darby too.

and I guess that's what we do best here...we float hope for the elderly, the mixed up, screwed up and misunderstood. it would be so nice to get some of our guys into the homes that they dream of, one day soon.
hope is floating for me in this too.