Rescue Journal

oh gawd.

Carol  ·  Dec. 17, 2013

new fat little bastard beagle coming in. he is overweight, has bad skin and ears, was running loose and no family came to claim him. you probably wonder how I know he is a bastard..because he is a fat beagle. even the mildest mannered fat beagle will fight to the death over food..thats why they are fat...all they ever think of is food and more food.

luke and jake are both nice dogs until they smell food in the air..then they morph into total assholes. food to a beagle is like money to man..brings out the very. very. worst. in them.

I am just so freaking excited to have three greedy guts fat beagles hanging out here. we soon might actually have more fat beagles than beagle rescue and yes they were contacted but have no place for him. it has been a bad old fat beagle year.

hopefully 2014 will be a bad old droopy hound dog year (cuz I ADORE old droopy hound dogs!)

anyway..I would have said no but it is too close to Christmas..if you turn away the homeless old fat dogs with bad skin and ears at Christmas time, you go straight to hell.

this is true.



ya erin and renee, especially erin lol i know how much you love beagles, i see it everytime you look in my little daisys eyes. or what kind of a look is that huh?

Barbara Ferris

oh come on erin and renee ;-) they are just 3 hounds - I have a big weakness for fat old hounds :-) I wish I still had 3, sadly we are down to two now.


I am pretty sure you guys must have been dropped on your heads as babes may..either that or you are the real saints to take on that breed exclusively.


summer is doing well glenda. she hates chewy tho, he is a BAD goat...worse than any beagle!


Love it Carol. Are you surprised there are people who actually go out of their way to rescue beagles:)


Hello Carol! I have just visited the Facebook page, can't comment as I am not on Facebook....but so fab to have a look at your guys and girls and once again, can't thank you enough for what you do. I love the pics of Crash (and everyone else as well) but since I saw him on the TG website asking if anyone could take him, his situation just haunted me and THEN he came to SAINTS yay! How is Summer doing, saw her photo as well and have wondered about her. Noticed her knee caps and how worn they are, guess that comes from walking on your knees. We seem to have taken a time of year that should celebrate family, goodness and redemption and made it about gifts, money and whatever else that does not matter! So Carol, I wish you the best of what this season should be about. You seem to have that figured out!


Oh we are so happy you are taking Olly. Even if you swear at me in emails when I ask you to take him :) I can take a little abuse if it means Olly has somewhere to go!


Ollie. and forget it shelagh..the staff would quit if there was a room just with should have heard erin and renees united NOOOOOOOOOO! when I gave them them news.


OK....I didnt laugh out loud..but it brought a smile to my face..which has been missing for a while..this is not my most favorite time of a smile here..a chuckle all adds up..glad fat bastard beagle will have a Merry Christmas..look out Luke n Jake...i sense trouble comin :-)

Whats his name ?


O.K. - that made me laugh out loud. It's good to have a "blog laugh" after all the sadness at SAINTS this year.