Rescue Journal

ollie did ok on his first night

Carol  ·  Dec. 20, 2013

except he is far too fat for me to be able to lift on the bed. I felt bad about that.

he has had a bath and we will keep him on his antibiotics, add some surolan for his ears and pain meds for his hips to hold him until after xmas when I can get him into our vet for a really good new admission check.

daisy is not doing well. she is pretty much over the virus but she stopped eating on Wednesday anyway. last night I started syringe feeding and ran 120mls of sub Q fluids thru and erin started her on an appetite stimulant and switched her antibiotics. if she doesn't perk up in the next 24 hours, I think I will have to let her go. from her bloodwork we already know she has serious underlying kidney and liver issues, plus she has a small tumor over her eye now that doesn't look good... I think daisy may be reaching the end of her life. she is a very sweet cat whose life hasn't been all that great. we will do our best for her these last couple of days and then see where she is at tomorrow.


heidi wagner

Thanks Nicole and Mo,
He was a great dog and a big goof ball...can't believe how many people knew him and were touched by his story and his spirit


Just read the news sorry..such a grest dog and i hope the wonderful memories you have bring some comfort and in time some smiles. He was a very special dog.


oh, CAROL?
another beagle?!
just admit it... you love them... especially when they're too fat to get on the bed themselves.


Oh Heidi I just read this. I'm so sorry to hear about Trevor. He was such a lovely and ridiculous dog.

heidi wagner

Thanks Carol,Kurt,
I do remember you...hope all is well...I had to put DD down (the big white guy) in November...In the end, it worked out for the best as Trev was my first and only dog and needed to be my last and only dog. DD was super protective over Trev so I think he went first to make sure he was at the Bridge to protect and guide Trev.

It was a great match Carol, Trev helped me as much as I helped him...and he did really love me and I him:).I am so sorry for all your losses...not sure how you do it!!


Sorry to hear that Heidi. Remember me, I got to meet him (and you) in July / August.


I am so sorry for your loss Heidi, I know how very much you loved that boy! he had a great home, he loved you as much as you loved was a match made in heaven. rest in peace drove me nutz but you were a very good ( if somewhat noisy!) dog.

heidi wagner

Thanks Leila, Erin...Erin I'm not sure if "pleasure" would be the way to describe everyone's feelings about Trev at the open house!! I seem to recall Carol telling me to take Trev home (he was there for kennel rest to see if we could rest his back and get his mobility back)...the first and last dog she every kicked out of Saints...NOBODY was as persistent as Trev when he wanted something and he would bark until he got it. I won't forget the way he kind of glanced over at the tables,stuck his head up and on one leg and help, hopped to my car and never looked back. I do have to say, his stubborness, persistence and demands is what kept a three legged dog with back end paralysis going for almost three years!!!


oh no heidi, i remember your boy, we had the pleasure of his company at the open house! i am very sorry for your loss. he was beautiful.


So sorry to read of your loss Heidi. I remember Trevor too. He was a sweet, kind, funny dog. R.I.P. Trevor.


oh heidi i remember trevor well, he was so lucky to have you. rip trevor you could not have a more loving family so sorry heidi.


Heidi so sorry to hear of your loss of your boy Trevor….I met him when he had a brief stay up at Saints…what a very sweet guy. You gave him a great home full of love. RIP dear Trev

heidi wagner

Hi Carol,
I just read your comments you posted on the timely, ...I helped Trev over to the bridge that day...I was struggling with those exact issues with him and trying to decide to give him more time as he was still very alert and his spirit was sooo alive but his body was just giving out and getting tired and despite a huge amount of pain meds, he was still sore when I moved him. My neighbors (finally some amazing, kindered spirits that love dogs as much if not more than I do) helped with the decision, as well as the thought that Trev may end up in crisis, passing in an emerg clinic with people he didn't know. I decided to maybe shorted his time by a few days and let him pass with a belly full of steak and pizza and pass on a positive note. I miss him greatly but I feel at peace within myself and for Trev.


we are just doing a little lunch on xmas eve ryan...noonish or so. if you and chris could do the meds in both buildings on xmas morning that would be good and thx.


hi carol, renee invited me to ur christmas staff party on tues what time is it? and did u still want me to come in christmas morning and witch building did u want me in thanks talk to you soon


Thanks for the update on Daisy. It's very sad news, but I know that she in loving hands and I'm grateful for that. She loves to be brushed - maybe that will give her some comfort (if anyone has time to do that).