Rescue Journal

quick updates

Carol  ·  Dec. 22, 2013

well...i should move my butt out into the sloppy wet cold and put the barn guys to bed...i find i am somewhat reluctant to move.

after everyone was gone today, we popped in a movie and slept thru was a nice way to spend a sunday afternoon.

i got most of the xmas gift giving stuff organized and ready to go...that is a relief.

updates on the new guys...all is going well.

Ollie is fitting in nicely and finally actually made it up on my bed today to join us for the nap and the movie. scratch is still doing wonderfully, i am in awe of how good this dog is. he is still a bit of a bed hog but that is the only negative i could even think to say about him.

the antibiotics and increased pain meds do not seem to be perking riley up all that much...he is ok. eating and drinking and still up for walks. he just seems old and not as joyful about stuff as he was.

as soon as we get bobbi tested, we will try her over in the mp cat communal room and see how she does. i was thinking about making her a shop cat, but because she was on her own for so long and the level of her continued shyness...i think it would be a bad idea...we could easily lose her again.

i need to still stuff our guys stockings for xmas morning...too lazy to do it today. maybe tomorrow after work. maybe today i will just grab it all and move it to the house so i am ready to go when i actually feel like doing it.

argh..really gotta go and get to work here.