Rescue Journal

the best laid plans of mice and men

Carol  ·  Dec. 27, 2013

don't always work out.

luke and nikki are ones fault here but they were upsetting the cats. Heidi is still too raw from trev's loss to deal with the cats being upset by 2 new dogs. the fact of the matter might have worked out in time or it might not have...not a good time for any of them (cats, dogs or broken hearted humans) to be taking the risk.

on a brighter side...shep went out on a permanent foster trial..martin originally contacted us about odie but odie is not a good candidate to go with him to work. I will say that there was a definite connection between odie and martin when he got here...odie REALLY, REALLY liked him and martin REALLY liked odie but he still was a REALLY bad candidate to take into work.

on the really freaking sad side...I have been sitting on the chance quality of life fence for several weeks. with all of the deaths lately and since chance was toddering still on the fence..i decided to leave him there until he fell off.

today when renee was bathing him, instead of loving it like he always does..he started biting. same thing started happening when she tried to get him dried off and chance usually loves the rubbing and blow drying while being dried off. so there goes the two last things that chance enjoys in a day. I have bumped Ollie out of his vet appointment at 4 pm and will be taking chance in instead.



no need to feel took a chance and realized it was a mistake at this harm, no foul..the dogs are fine and you will be too if you give yourself some time to heal from trev's loss.

heidi wagner

Thanks for being so seemed so right yesterday and I thought I had it in me to do this but I just don't. For anyone reading this, it was not the dogs fault at all...they bugged the cats a bit but nothing that couldn't be worked on. They were good on the walk, didn't pull and met other dogs nicely. They didn't destroy anything, mess in the house or even bark very much. Luke was an awesome bed buddy except his snoring.
Right dogs, wrong time. I'm sorry Luke and Nikki...