Rescue Journal

heads up to the weekend warriors

Carol  ·  Dec. 28, 2013

we moved capone back to the office for now so luke could again have his safe "there is food in the air" place.

please remember to have all beagles safely placed away from each other and all frail dogs BEFORE starting to feed and keep them in safe places until all feeding is done and all bowls are picked up and taken away.

also remember to put roxy away before any visitors get to the house for the tours.

jazzy is in jail again..her biting of strange people and pretty much any dog is escalating. the mp room is not the solution for her but until the new dog play yards arrive, she is stuck there. my plan is to move her back to the house when we can safely confine her. I think she does better under 24 hour surveillance where she can have more freedom to be loose with my watchful eye on her. the pens are due to arrive around the 8th of January so she will have to make due in her jail pen with supervised periods out until then.

I am also not too happy with darby's behavior when folks arrive to that room so I am thinking about doing something different eventually with him too. in the meantime if he is being a twit...toss him in jail with jazzy until the visitors leave.

I have decided the mp room does not work in the best interests of problem dogs so I need to think on this further. many little ankle biters right now...they are a big pain in the butt....anyway, please be proactive to keep our visitors safe until I figure this out..

the computer room is pretty damn empty feeling with both chance and shep not here.

I hope everyone has a good day today, and I will try to pop home briefly on my lunch break.


Kevin B

I apologize to anyone that is using the shop, it is a bit of a disaster area by the feed as I am trying to make room for freezers for feed storage. I have set up buckets in front of the one bay of the shop so please do not park there as I will be bringing in more freezers throughout the day today.