Rescue Journal

update on shep

Carol  ·  Dec. 30, 2013

Hi Carol,

I wanted to give you an update on Shep. So far, beside 2 nightly accidents, he has been great. He has been smiling a lot. Although he has a bed he does enjoy just lying on the floor. He loves to walk more than I expected. He is eating well, but he hasn't taken any weight yet I guess it is a bit soon for him to put on some pounds.

I don't know what his life was before the shelter, but he still seem a bit insecure and anxious like he's afraid I will leave him or abandon him. He has a bit of a need to be close to me and know where I am, even when I'm just going to the bathroom. However I have been able to go to the pet store and the grocery store and leave him in the apartment alone without him making a mess. He met today 2 other dogs living in the building and they all reacted pretty well they seemed to like him and he enjoyed them too. Lesley, the building manager, was also here today and met him for the first time in person and she loved him.

I think he also recognized something from his past or at least something one person had. Usually he looks at people and sometimes sniff them when they are close, but he wanted to run to the person that was crossing the street farther away from us. He didn't see the woman's face, my guess is that he recognized her grocery stroller.

So far so good I'm very happy to have met Shep.




Thank you for sharing with us about Shep...successes and happiness are always good. He is a lovely dog, and thank you for giving him a great home that he deserves


Thanks for sharing..Lucky dog shep is and lucky person...its wonderful when two souls meet and make each others lives richer keep us posted warms a lot of hearts


Ditto me too. Love to read how all the Saints are doing, good or bad.


aww how great for shep. he is a handsome sweet dog so glad he found a home. we all love getting updates on the fosters and adopted animals. what a happy ending for shep. hes a lucky dog.