Rescue Journal


Carol  ·  Jan. 3, 2014

the dogs did sort of ok at the vets yesterday...

scratch is a big whiny baby at the vets but all he really had done was some blood work and a good check up. he made it very clear he wanted to go home and back to the nice soft beds.

Ollie's ears are still really bad despite surolan and antibiotics since he arrived. his visit was a bit of a torture session with exam, blood work and ear flushing..i felt pretty badly for our not so little guy. Ollie weighed in at 59.8 pounds, that makes him the fattest beagle I have ever seen..hopefully the blood work shows cushings or something to help him trim down once he gets treatment for any underlying things.

teddy had a tough day at the vets too...he was in for stim testing for cushings. the vet also started to clean up around that hot spot that developed last week but teddy's skin started just pulling away. I had a cat years ago whose skin started de-gloving, the vets thought it was a weird form of skin cancer back then so I am pretty worried about teddy. they took a swab in case it is an infection so we will know what kind of antibiotics will work best. in the mean time we are keeping him in an xpen cuz if it is an infection we certainly do not want it to spread to anyone else. I am eagerly awaiting the stim test results because I do think ted z is cushings and I want to get him started on treatment asap since that will help with any skin issues plus he needs his weight to go down quite a bit too.

kevin is working out a feeding program for gilbert to help him feel better with his feet...please see kevin's comment under the "day 2" post and adhere to decreasing his grain intake and no more giving gilbert treats. the goal is to keep his feet as healthy as we can so we do not lose him too soon. it is as simple feet=no goat... so... no treats for gilbert. I like kevin's suggestion that we groom and cuddle him as his special one on one time instead.



I had two beagles come into care a few months ago. Both ended up as hypothyroid. Mattie, the female, weighed 84 pound when she came to us. She's now on meds and down to 71 pounds. Beagles are prone to hypothyroidism.

Muttluks is mostly known for its dog boots but they also make special boots for horses, goats, etc., with foot problems. It might be worthwhile checking them out for Gilbert. Sorry I don't have a website so you would have to google Muttluks. It is a Canadian company.