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hope floats

Carol  ·  Jan. 4, 2014

the new guy has diarrhea...I don't think this is anything new because I saw dried diarrhea near his rectum when I was looking to see if he was neutered.

it is a total upsetting drag to be a brand new dog here with diarrhea...I need to keep them shut in without free access to outside because new dogs want to go home and don't want to be here so they get outside and do not want to come back in.

anyway..Curtis is upset because he is having accidents and is a bit worried that I might get mad... it will take him some time to learn that I don't care...this why we have lino and bleach buckets, so accidents are not a big deal for anyone here.

I will start him on some flagyl today and get a stool spec into the vets to hold him until I get him in for an overall good check.

so far, he really is a very nice dog...a bit of a worry wart but that's understandable considering his life has just turned upside down. I think he will get the hang of it quickly around here once I can give him a little more freedom.

Curtis was a bit of a short notice...the email came in Thursday night that he had to be gone by Friday...I said I would meet him with no promises to take him depending on how I thought he would fit in around here.

part of me almost hopes the dogs will get here and fail but the bigger part of me is always glad when I meet them and see that yes we can help them. nice dog, not his fault his family got old and couldn't come home anymore. apparently he was a rescue from a chained life a mere three years before.

I think this dog has been around the block a few times and knows how unhappy life can sometimes be and so he is watching and waiting to see what life is dealing to him this time around.

I hope he finds kindness and happiness here.



curtis is very sweet i am hoping he finds happiness at saints he deserves that i really love scratch he is an amazing sweet dog. hope he finds his forever home.


Thank you Ian & Mary for the link. I have a big dog stroller that can also attach to our bikes, as we need room for two dogs. It is just getting old, we use it every day for our outings at Golden Ears Park & in town, we were looking at getting a newer one.

Ian and Mary

Hi Jamie;
You might want to check out

for a stroller for smaller dogs. We bought one for SAINTS alumni Lola a while back and she loves it. Great for long walks as she can ride most of the way but walk when she feels like it!

heidi wagner

Its a HP Pavilion Slimline s3100n SN CNH720167Y Has Windows Vista...not sure where your card went, but give me a call and I can call you back.

heidi wagner

I'll get it fixed and bring out to Saints...prob. next weekend?? (if fixed by then). It is good for big guys...(maybe not Capone big!) Sorry Jaime! It was really hard to find one for big guys when I was looking, mostly have to order on line. I got it off of Craig's List, maybe there is a smaller one there.


Do you have a make and model on the computer? If it is not too old, I might take it. I will call you, or if you still have my card you could email it to me


I think yoda and jedi would be ok with something smaller..trev was a big dog so this would be good for our big dogs when they lose the ability to walk.

heidi wagner

That would be ok with me if Carol can't use it. It needs new ball bearings (2) in the front is still working but needs to be replaced soon. It's about $50 to fix...I would have it fixed for Saints (any wheelchair or bike shop or garage can do it). You can have it and give a donation to Saints. New, they run around the 4 to 5 hundred range...I bought for 200. Call me and we can discuss:) (604-795-4001). I'm in Chilliwack. Were Yoda and Jedi Saint's dogs??


Hi Heidi, if Carol can't use the stroller, could you please let me know. Maybe I could look at it for Yoda & Jedi as ours is well used and we are looking a purchasing a new one. Jamie

heidi wagner

I hope Curtis settles and allows love and kindness back into his life!!

Can you use a large dog stroller for Crash?? I used it for Trev and it was literally a life safer for really improved the quality of his life and kept us sane. It looks like one of those large cubes that people tow behind their bikes for tots but without the seats. It has rings to attach the dog inside and has mesh and plastic doors and windows. It is easy to fold down and remove the wheels etc. for storage or transport. It is all terrain and easy to use as well as it can be towed behind a bike.
Can you (or anyone)use a desktop computer (tower, keyboard, monitor, mouse)? I was told it works but it is missing one of the cords so I never set it up...

Happy New Year Everyone.