Rescue Journal

wish i may, wish i might.

Carol  ·  Jan. 9, 2014

salty is here...a bit of a surprize. I was out and about doing the late afternoon vet runs. oh well, Dionne and Diana figured it out and he is fine. he is a cute little bugger..skinny with some funky looking masses. we will see how he settles in here.

Martha went off on her adoption trial, hope it all goes well!

Curtis is getting a name change...from now on he will be "kirk"...Curtis just doesn't roll off my tongue well and we already have a curt! he had his vet visit...was a bit panicked in the car but he managed ok in the long run.

Ollie had his stim test for cushings and Bernie finally got her vet check.

it seemed to be a fairly busy day with me running all over the place.

rescue in many ways can be physically, mentally and emotionally challenging but it is kind of like is one of those long haul things. I used to wish it was easier, I used to wish it was nicer and cleaner, I used to wish it did not require every ounce of me. I find I am getting better at accepting that it is what it is. and it is what I am willing to put into to it which is actually quite a lot.

we are getting pretty full again..not much (if any) wiggle room left. and I really don't care. we help every single one that we can, and then we don't help any more for a while until our numbers go down a bit. saints is a revolving animals in, old animals out, either in passing from this life or onto new forever homes. it works, we have helped a lot of animals since 2004.

I still do wish for somethings in rescue...I wish people could put away the drama and angst, separate the personal from the business at hand..rescue is work. its good and purposeful work and the beneficiaries are the animals.

can't ask for more than that.

welcome salty...I am going to go and find you a sweater and then I am going to try to help you find some happiness here.

wishing is fine but working gets things done better.



I've got a reflective dog rain coat to get rid of.Its orange with fleece underneath. It fit Nikka when she was smaller... 50-60lbs. She's lab cross.If you need it Carol.... can someone pick it up? I can't deliever it :(


If you had a magic wand (or a really big lotto win) and could instantly change things, what would you do to help unwanted animals and stop the constant influx of them. I was also wondering if it would be better if some of the smaller rescues banded together and worked together to
1. look after the animals
2. fundraise
3. educate
4. lobby to change laws that affect animals.
5. offer support to keep animals in their homes.
I know almost all animal owners and rescuers esp. like to do things their way but wouldn't it make more sense to pool resources (eg. a really large gala hosted by a few shelters that could be promoted more widely or offer larger items for raffle or prizes and share the work and profits. Or have a central supply area that could be utilized by more than one you may have a ton of beds but need food and you may have rehab equip that isn't in use that someone else needs.

I keep looking at Best Friends website and I keep thinking we need something like that in Canada. While they have been around a long time and are finally out of the down and dirty trenches of animal care and can now move more into lobbying, educating, rehabing, and helping other communities.

BTW I if anyone needs a K9 kart to borrow for a large dog (not the stroller, that is yours)let me know. I gave to to CAP as she had a dog she thought could use it (and can't) and will bring to Best Friends when she goes down later this year.

I obviously have way to much time on my hands.