Rescue Journal

the never ending story

Carol  ·  Jan. 10, 2014

for a pretty wet and crappy day today, from my perspective it went ok cuz I didn't need to go out into the crappy wet world...yay!

salty is doing ok...sweet dog with a bit of a spicy kick if someone is pissing him off. he doesn't like the cats trying to climb on me when he is on me and he is not shy in telling them so.

I think it is always a pretty good day when most of the staff are is easier to readjust if something is going on and it allows for extra things like todays lunch and learn. I spent the morning cooking my family favorite seafood bisque, some egg salad bunwiches and putting out cobbs cinnamon scones for dessert. it is always nicer to do educational stuff when there is food and there was just enough left over for my dinner tonight so I actually inadvertently prepared a two fer one! anyway..i hope both the lunch and the learn was worth interrupting their routines today...otherwise I won't get a repeat shot.

interestingly enough, I discovered during the exercise that I wasn't quite on the ball with one of the animals needs. we were using darby as an example and while working thru the process I realized we could do a bit more on preparing him better for life so I am going to start doing a few more things with him too. I too still have lots of stuff to learn.

cuz here is the thing...especially in is all a big open book. we may have beginnings and middles to the stories we are living but the endings to all of this hasn't been written yet.

ooops. it looks like the barn lights were forgotten tonight..i guess I better brave the wet and go and turn them off so I guess this post is done. apparently I will not fully escape getting wet today..that kind of sucks.