Rescue Journal

so..i believe

Carol  ·  Jan. 11, 2014

that when we are gifted with the love of another incredible life, and that wonderful life leaves us broken behind...that our hearts are open and primed to welcome another lost soul.

since daphne's loss, I have been so lonely. it is not that my other family furballs do not fill me up because they lucky am I to share my life with mystic, benny, june and I guess..phoebe too? (just kidding, phebes, I do love you!)

but..that devastating hole that tyra left in me after 15 years of sharing, was filled to overflowing with a little long and low. and then after just a few short years of bringing such a rightness and balance to me every day, daphne too left me alone.

benny and june and daphne were the beneficiaries of the loss of tyra, who now will receive the legacy of loving from daphne?

for those that don't know..phoebe bought her way into my family courtesy of the volunteers..i said they had to raise $10, 000 to get me to adopt her...and they damn well did! oh well..i love her, but differently..the others fill me up and she sucks it back out.

anyway back to the story...

so I have been waiting for another little long and low to hold in my arms at night. my fear tho was..he or she..wouldn't be daphne and how is that fair? I need to want and be willing to love someone for themselves, not for someone past. my needs here for my family dogs are specific..they have to be bombproof with the other animals, they have to be able to find happiness here and they have to be totally (excuse my language) fucked up in some pretty big way so that no one can or will offer them a home or they can do better than being here with me.

found her!

she is young, she is emotionally and mentally messed up..(kind of like june was when she got here), she is destructive, (just like mystic) and she pees in the house, (just like phoebe)..she has nothing in common with benny cuz he is perfect in every way! she is losing her home and coming here and I am going to love her whatever her issues.

her name is luna, she is not daphne,,,she looks like a black and tan husky/shep mix...a cross between tyra and maude.

she is coming from up north.

anyone who adopts a dog, sight unseen is never know if you are going to find that mutual bond that is so very necessary. but we all know I am nutz and I can bond with pretty much anyone including our little snapping weirdo zombie tedz. and we also know that almost all of the dogs who come here, do bond with me too.

so my only real concern this the best place for her and will she be truly happy? I think she will..from what I am told, I think she will do ok here. she loves to play with other dogs and cats..preacher will love her and so will mystic, june and boomer. I don't care if she eats a couch or a wall, those can easily be repaired or replaced and as far as peeing in the house goes, that's why we have lino and bleach. I am hoping that when she gets here, for the first time in her life she finds it is easier to fit in a world of misfits then it is in the real world for her.

hope floats that this is the home of her dreams. anyone available this week to pick up my new dog from airco for me? she is a total freak out and cannot be let out of the crate until she gets to the door of saints and I have my hands on her because she most likely will bolt and I do not want to lose my new dog before I even get her home!

if available please let me know which days and when..she is coming this week.