Rescue Journal

loonie tunes has arrived (thx shelagh for getting her here safely!)

Carol  ·  Jan. 13, 2014

am I ever in big trouble...husky/shep look a like in the picture is more like kelpie/husky...with a whole lot of kelpie in there. never have a dog smarter than you...kelpies are smarter than anyone in the wonder her head is so messed up.

whatever...she is beautiful and hopefully soon she lets me touch her! chris thinks she may act like she may have prey drive with the littles..could just be stress or overtures of interest towards possible friendship..will have to be careful while we get to know her before we can decide.

significant dog moves happening right now tho while we try to get everyone sorted out. there will be quite a bit of back and forth and shift arounds til we find the right mix for each area.

lots of overthinking headaches expected over the next few days.



I was waiting to "meet" Luna :)! She is simply beautiful! since I knew absolutely zero about Kelpies I just read up on them. it would seem that you might want to find a place where you/someone/please God anyone can take her for herding and running. everything I saw indicated they are high energy/drive and experts at both agility and fly ball. hopefully she is just trying to herd the littles. how old is she?