Rescue Journal

so busy day...

Carol  ·  Jan. 14, 2014

I can now fully stroke luna when she is laying on the bed with me, she even rolled over for a belly rub which is good progess in just 24 hours. still can't touch her when she is bombing around but whatever, we will get there. she sure is soft to touch!

it seems when I go looking for a new family dog, I somehow end up with two. same thing happened when I went to get june, I came home with benny too!

so today daxie rescue brought me a gift...his name is bobby and he is a five yr old daxi who has already burned thru a couple of homes. he has a soft history of guarding, aggressive behavior around his own people, nothing I consider too serious. he is super cute. no worry about confusing him with daphne...he already took out tina over a food bowl and he spent an hour this evening desperately trying to hump my arm. bobby is his own true self which is ok with me. we will give him a two week trial to ensure he will be happy here, if not, he goes back to the rescue to find him somewhere he would be happier because we all want him to be happy.

salty did ok with his vet visit, his bloodwork is already back and the changes are most likely a result of his horrible teeth. he is booked and cleared for major extractions and neutering later this week. good thing too because he is desperate to move over to my room.

capone was a no go in the mp room...tried to chew thru the wire to get to the cats. he is back in the office until the big dog room settles down and then I will move him over here. since jazz, Fernando, darby, and pepper can't move into the office yet...they are back in the mp room with the fat and dieting beagles..will move them again once capone is settled at the house.

for the first time in over a year, the door between the bedroom and the big dog room is open again. it can only be open when the doggy door to the yard is closed because I can't yet risk luna getting outside because she may bolt. but with everything shut down tight, it is nice for the dogs and me to be able to wander to and fro.

if however the doggy door is open, everyone please remember to keep luna shut in my room.

well..i can hear bobby barking and luna is jumping the door so I guess I better get back in there so they both settle down again.