Rescue Journal

poor salty, poor luna....poor freaking me.

Carol  ·  Jan. 16, 2014

nineteen extractions, almost all of them abcessed right to the roots. he has one tooth left. his mouth is one giant infected pus-pocket. poor poor boy. he hopefully had his neuter (I forgot to ask if they went ahead with it) but I hope that they did because he had a testicular tumor and I am anxious to see thru pathology, how aggressive it is.

hopefully once his sore little mouth finally heals, he will start to put on some much needed weight.

I can only deal with luna for a few minutes at a time. as soon as I feel my frustration rising from being scratched, nipped and physically assaulted, I need to take a time out. cuz here is the thing with these kind of dogs..they are frustrating to work with. and not only that but it is frustrating for her to need something from me that i just cannot give (like the balls to suck up the way she throws herself, her feet and her mouth at me because it freaking well hurts!) these kind of dogs get pushed away constantly, are always in trouble and eventually they are fully socially isolated because they are like a hyperactive train of high speed and desperate physical abuse assaulting you at every interaction. it SUCKS for both of us.

so I stay with her as long as I can be fair and consistent...putting her off me, stopping her mouth from connecting and then bringing her in close for appropriate physical contact so she can see and feel the difference. but once she starts getting frustratedly angry and once I can feel myself feeling frustrated too, it is time for us to both take a break. her interactions with me have to be positive, I can't let the negative part of this initial difficulty overtake us or a healthy relationship between us is in danger.

tyra was like this when she was young...a freaking train on the track of really hurtful feet, it took two years to get her to stop hurting me, we eventually found less painful ways to share affection. mo and I were talking about her today, and mo said she still remembers being sorely wounded by tyra's overactive and emotionally needy feet! ok so I solved the problem with me, not everyone else..hopefully I will be more successful universally with luna. not that it matters cuz she won't let too many others near her or her feet right now anyway, apparently those grasping needle sharp feet are reserved solely for me, her new mom who she is so going to connect with even if it hurts!

poor babe, sucks to suck so badly at making good friends.

still, where there is a will, there will be a way.