Rescue Journal

a few heads up(s) for the weekend.

Carol  ·  Jan. 17, 2014

1. we are no longer free feeding the mp room..they are getting full breakfasts and dinners instead so please do not put down any dried food bowls. I will take care of the feeding so no one has to worry that they will starve.

2. luna is never to be in the same room with tina unless I am there..she mauls her in playfulness and tina is too frail for that. luna can be in the big dog room or out in the yard when tina is in my bedroom. we started today to take her for field runs with some of the dogs, but she shouldn't go out there unless I am with her for now.

3. bobby can do almost whatever he wants.

4. I bought some new leashes and martingale collars because all of our decent ones have disappeared. please everyone put them directly back where you find them, the martingales especially are like gold to us and are highly needed around here to keep over reactive, sketchy or freaked out dogs safe when I take them into the vets.

5. lola is here...she is only intro'd to the computer room dogs so please keep the others away from her for now.

I think that's it!



yes lynne...luna dog yard..bobby wherever he wants, scratch can go for the walk but he gets tired and sore quickly so should not stay out for long....up to you lynne if you want to bring jelly. there is always a risk of picking it up but I am not too worried about the dogs out at the barn.

chris..capone is still in the office, shawn and I will get him out for a run in the field first thing in the morning...he cannot be out when all the volunteers are here because they manage the dogs, barn animals and routines differently then the week day staff do.


I will be out with my neighbors, the stroller and the computer (kevin) on Sunday...we will do the tour at 11. Do you still have a donkey?


so luna is okay in the yard just checking. bobby can go down to the fields with other dogs. scratch too? phoned you to see if jelly is okay with the ringworm animals. ko phoned me to see what i thought i dont know what do you think