Rescue Journal


Carol  ·  Jan. 17, 2014

when mo was here, she, erin and renee and I took luna for her first field run. man can she run! and slop thru the mud! and splash thru the pond! she had a blast!!! not too worried about losing her anymore...she was really good about sticking near us. despite my current pain in our developing relationship, she is bonding with me. good dog.

lola is here, nice dog (for some reason I want to call her olga.) maybe because she is an OLD dog..lots of big masses on her! she badly needs a bath. but I will get her started on pain meds first and let them kick in before we make her stand too long for a shower, right now it would be difficult for her. she reminds me of someone, I am trying to figure out who it is. she has one of those great ancient old faces that just melts your heart. she is currently a computer room dog.

when kim brought lola in. she asked to meet yoda..she has a special soft spot for cats like him. I think he will be going home with her for a trial in a couple of weeks. yay!

salty is recovering from his horrific massive dental...sleeping a lot but eating ok. he did have his neuter and both testicles were funky looking so they have gone off to the lab for biopsy. he will be on frequent pain meds and antibiotics for a few days.

ok gotta go back to splitting myself between where I need to be...too bad I cannot have all of the current high needs guys in the very same room. that would be so much easier!