Rescue Journal

i have been dumped.

Carol  ·  Jan. 18, 2014

oh make my head spin!

24 hours ago, she so badly needed to connect with me that she was desperately grabbing me, ripping off my skin and bashing me in the mouth with her freaking flapping foot.

tonight...she is no where to be found. we are all laying on the bed watching "the vow" and I notice that she is missing along with the rest of the younger crowd. I call her and she flies in the dog door, jumps up on the bed, lays there for about 30 seconds while I ask her where she has been and softly stroke her head. then she bounces back off to go hang out with her friends...they are all laying in holes in the back yard cuz apparently this is young dogs are having a back yard camp out.

she popped back in again about an hour later to say a quick but gentle hello...then she was gone again, back out in the cold.

do you have any idea how amazing is this dog? less than a week ago she came in with a history of being skittish, terrified of men, cowering and barking at strangers, destructive when left alone loose in the house, chewing holes in herself when she was crated and peeing in the house. when she got here she was terrorized and wouldn't let me touch her and then suddenly she was all over me so very much that it freaking well hurt! and here she is tonight content with her k9 friends, cheerfully popping in and saying a quick and appropriate friendly hello when she was called.

wow...luna is a really fast learning girl.

are we over all of the humps in the road..yeah, probably not because she is far, far too smart of a dog. but geez I am proud of her to take such huge strides forward in such a short time...that takes guts and a different kind of soul deep courage. she is going to be a great dog!



she hears perfectly fine is the Sibe genes in her that gives her the blue eye.


(i know that sounds freaky. LOL... i've read that animals sometimes have deafness on the side of the lighter iris).


Luna is a leggy beauty. i couldn't believe it when i saw her eyes. does she have hearing on the lighter one?


you probably know about this or tried it but I got a med from the vets I think it's called florintal (or close)...worked well for both DD and Trev. Is it stress related??


lol...well she still might not let you touch her Brenda..not everything is fixed.

Brenda Mc

Oh, I can't wait to meet Luna.... What a wonderful transformation in such a short time


I think too that june, mystic and boomer really helped...they are such HAPPY dogs and life is just so much FUN! when surrounded by such very good and positive cheerfulness..its hard to hold on to the deep dark and scary stuff.


Smart girl - she knows when she has a good deal!

By the way, thinking back to your food-crazed (and also smart) beagles, did you see this?: Why Beagles Will One Day Rule The World -


If she recovered that quickly from all the things said about her, then I would guess that she was in the wrong environment. From my experience, dogs who have deep rooted problems do not change that quickly unless it really was environmental/situational. The thing you did right Carol that so many people consistently get wrong is you asked nothing of her and gave her the peace of mind to figure it out herself. I have seen foster dogs change quickly in my home, change enough to be accepted by the human world and some that never can make the change because they are just do not fit (but lucky enough to have found there very own homes or at least end up staying with us).


its not that lynne, she did it all by herself...she just needed to get all of that negative thinking shit out of her system and start thinking positively again....she is still not far from being a should be fun!


wow how amazing what a lot of love and understanding can do for an animal. she is amazing such a cool dog and loves all her new friends. wish they all had that chance at life. so glad you have given it to her.