Rescue Journal

just a couple of housekeeping things...and then updates.

Carol  ·  Jan. 20, 2014

please make sure all windows that are opened when cleaning are closed before the room is left. preacher was found outside on top of the roof this morning and luna was trying to climb out of one of the dog room windows last night.

brad has ringworm. this really surprised me because he has absolutely no physical contact with any of the other animals. the only thing I can think of is it may have been spread by any brushes used on him if any brushes were used on him. and I have no idea if or if not he was recently brushed. I doubt it was spread by hands because everyone is still washing between the animals. and he certainly did not get it like the cows did from the dug up dirt because his area was never dug up and he has not been in the areas that were dug up. so I am assuming he was brushed with a contaminated brush because I just can't think of any other way that he would have come in contact with the spores. and honestly, I never thought about cross contamination with the brushes......DUH! anyway..we have removed all grooming supplies and are bleaching them out. and from now on they will absolutely have to bleached each and every time they are used before they are used on a different animal.

the good news is charlotte and Emily are clearing up. if we can just be really super careful and not spread it around ourselves, we should be able to get thru this in a little while more.

bobbi's viral testing came back negative so we will plan on moving her to the intro pen in the communal cat room fairly soon.

gilberts other leg swelled up today..last time it was the left, today it is the right. so the vet had to come back out. it is still his ongoing and chronic foot problems. the vet said if this keeps returning we may need to be thinking about gilberts quality of life. gawd! I hate when I have to start thinking in those terms. anyway..we will see how quickly he recovers this time around and how we can possibly keep it from coming back. the vet is going to make him a bit of a special project goat and come every week to work on his feet and see how far he can get. plus he continues on his anti-inflammatory pain and long acting antibiotic injections. sucks to be an old goat with really messed up feet.

all the new guys are doing ok. apparently luna was being a pushy bad mannered puppy today....june, mystic and boomer may not kill her but puff will give it the good old college try.

lola had a bath..apparently the water ran rusty red from a previous flea infestation. the staff did not find any live fleas so AC would have treated her but we treated her again..just in case.

well I guess I better get to the feeding and diabetics, its getting late already.



Thanks for that kevin.. At one point carol went out & bought really nice bags for each horse to have their own brushes , overtime the bags went missing & the brushes got mixed up, ideally it would be great if we can get back to that. I did take home & bleach./clean enough brushes for 2 bags...and totally meant to get to that large plastic container full of brushes so there would be enough for everyone to have their own..I will do my best to get that all together again..this is my official request to have any volunteer remind me to take that plastic container home & clean ALL the brushes... I will be there Sat & Sun this week... No more O/T Yippee :-)


I think it is pretty hard to say where Brad got the ringworm from. It could be from fence to fence contact with chev, ziggy or emily, could have come from our clothes or even shoes from walking from pen to pen. I am putting the brushes in a bleach solution overnight, if there are certain brushes people prefer just throw them in the bleach solution in the food prep room so they are sterilized.In an open outdoor area it is near impossible to eliminate all sources of exposure but as long as we take precautions and limit the possible exposure sources they will be fine. You can try bringing an extra coat with you to snuggle with gilbert so he isn't exposed to anything, don't want to cut out his snuggle time but that way it should limit any exposure to spores


Oh no Brad. I haven't brushed him in a very long time. He spent most of his Sunday eating merrily away. I did use KOs sanitizer as mine wasn't close at hand. Is it possible it could spread from clothing? I tried not to touch any of the guys but did snuggle with Gilbert and patted Brad on the noggin and rubbed his big nose. Hope he will be okay.


actually...various windows in both the house and the mp room have been left open a few times in the past couple of months ...i should have mentioned it sooner but i forgot. anyway..we should all try to remember to close them...i don't always notice they are open, because of the cold air coming in thru the dog doors it is almost always cold at night in here.

the ringworm fungus lives in moist soil.

Brenda Mc

So, just to be clear - The Sunday "house" volunteers left windows open?