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Carol  ·  Jan. 21, 2014

I guess if I am going to be getting mad and upset because I can't please everyone around here in every single way is just as selfishly petty and juvenile as expecting me to please everyone in every way. sigh..note to myself...grow up carol and get out of the sandbox...duh.

I swear to god...rescue will bring out the very best and sometimes the very worst in me. and this is why I will never get to wear those pretty halos and wings.


it was a stupid and sulky childish thing to say, "I will never say thank you to anyone here ever again.' ali made up this really great volunteer manual that she gave me to look at on the weekend and I really wanted to say thank you for doing it and doing it so well but I didn't.

I am a big whiny baby idiot-stick.

thank you ali, that manual really looks great!!

sorry guys, I will work on screwing my head on a bit better, it sucks to be nutz.



you are right it does suck that it has to involve all this bullshit, i admit i have made mistakes but admit it i can. and i will grow stronger and more caring because of it the animals should be no 1 after all is this not what it is all about. giving those ones who had such a shitty life through no fault of their own a better one. i will still say sorry for my crappy part in all this. and keep my mouth shut.i could not imagine my life without saints love that place like its my second home.


don't feel bad lynn, you didn't start this, you were just the last little straw that broke this camels has been growing for awhile, it is just now coming out of the underground and coming to a head.not your fault, this always eventually happens in rescue.
paradise lost.


holy shit batman is all i can say. your not going to win carol if you do or dont i think i may have started all this crap and i am sooo sorry. i come to saints for the animals and because i do honestly appreciate all you do as i am sure most of us cant do half of it. what you do and give is truly amazing and despite what you think, most of us do truly care about you. how can we not when these animals have all been given a second chance. if not for you where would they all be. i have my jelly and had my blond buddy, my bambi and my copper because of you. and i just want to say thankyou for all you do.

Bunny Horne

I am sending this entry on behalf of Brent, it is regarding Brad and ring worm. He said years back his brother had ring worm and he had to have his own everything, own bowl, own utensils, own cup, etc etc.
Brent, correctly so, indicated that the feed bowls are communal. The bowls that the big pigs eat from are the same sized bowls that the cows and Carl eat from. Those bowls are washed out with the same brush in cold water. They are not washed in a bleach solution, soap or even hot or warm water. He is correct, that it's highly unlikely anyone is spending time brushing Brad as few people enter his pen. It's more likely that Brad contracted ring worm from sharing of the communal feed bowls.

Bunny Horne

.....crap..... stupid fingers.....
by the very nature of SAINTS - Senior and Special Needs means that death is ever present in your daily life, in either natural death or by being with an animal at the very end whose quality of life is compromised by health issues. There is no correct way to grieve.

People do get burned out, compassionate or otherwise. There is no doubt that you are a woman of enormous strength and perhaps you don't burn out as easily as the rest of us. However I suspect that you don't burnout because YOU ARE LIVING YOUR DREAM. SAINTS is your dream and you have an incredible TEAM of dedicated staff, board members, volunteers, supporters and donors that make your dream come true. Every day is a blessing that people continue to support the animals at SAINTS and allow you to live your dream. In my mind that is exhilarating, not exhausting. We all have dreams, but most of never get to see our dreams come to fruition and certainly we don't receive financial support for our dreams.

And thank you, Alison - this young lady is a delight to work with, she's a super-team player. She is full of amazing ideas and is a lot of fun. Her dedication to SAINTS, and I suspect all things she does, is inspirational.


It's a great shame that sometimes the negativity from others put out puts us in negative state of mind. Sometimes having a good verbal spew spews out the negativity.

Bunny Horne

This blog entry is refreshing. I have been mulling over a lot of your entries of late - sometimes wanting to respond, but not.

In my # 1 job I am frequently asked, how is it I can get my stores to respond to my inquiries and emails so promptly when other people cannot get a response. It's simple, I treat the people at store with respect and thank them for their prompt responses. Is it onerous, sometimes yes, but the results I get from my "TEAM" (and I do consider that we are a TEAM) is well worth the effort. They make me look good.

I have never been a mom, but isn't one of the first things we try to teach children to say 'please and thank you'?

We can never thank all people all the time, obviously some people get missed, but they don't get missed every single time.

It strikes me that SAINTS gets thank yous every day, by way of people wanting to volunteer, to adopt, to foster, and most importantly by donating their hard earned dollars, no matter the size of the donation. I think of those donations as 'THANK YOU SAINTS for doing the great job you do'.

We all express grief in different ways at different times - I doubt there is one appropriate way to grieve. Years ago I worked for the Coroner's office and we dealt with death in a very cool manner. Having said that, there are people and animals that their passing leaves such a huge hole in our hearts that makes the grieving process harder. By the very nature of SAINTSnYou are surrounded ou

Barb H

After the stuff you went through this past year, i think you're allowed to be a little nutz.