Rescue Journal

it was a good night.

Carol  ·  Jan. 22, 2014

that was the best sleep ever! 8 straight hours of not waking up even once...I was dead to the world as soon as my head hit the pillow and never even once woke up until the alarm went off today. absolutely unheard of, that has to be a great way to start the day.

I think lola is settling in really well, she seems relaxed, content and cheerful. luna is doing great, when I came home from work she joined mystic, june and boomer in a totally appropriate group greeting...really happy to see me but not over the top with pent up anxiety. I think she was really found her perfect fit in this world.

when you think of it... it is weird how being a square peg trying to fit in a round hole can really screw up a head. i think someone like luna gets messed up because some how or another nothing ever feels safe or right..she didn't feel it inside herself and she didn't feel it around her in her world...everything just felt somehow wrong and that just pushed her over the edge into crazy land.

saints is a good place for a mixed up dog like her because she can't do too much seriously wrong here. as long as they are not fighting and biting each other (or ripping the skin off me) i can pretty much easily tolerate anything. i do know however that while luna already loves me...i think she will always love the happy go lucky posse a little bit more. she can easily understand them, she gets their rules, they are way more fun to hang around with than i am..whatever. as long she is happy, i am good with that. this is not the same dog i met here only a week ago and i think that is a very good thing.

i cannot imagine spending ones life tied up in knots, anxious and unhappy and when finally everyone in the world is fed up, gives up, and just cannot deal with you any are emotionally alone and totally screwed. THANK GOD for mystic, boomer and june!

i might have to put those dogs on the payroll. pure and cheerful hearts can significantly change someone's world for the good.

i have to say the only thing that mildly bugs me about scratch is his habit of passing rank wind. i believe the very last thought in my head last night and the first one there this morning was..i must remember to put the fabreeze near the bed where i can reach it. now there is a dog totally right with his world...i think he has always been an easy and round peg in a world full of round holes. and for me it is nice to actually have an easy, no brainer dog who is quite content just to fart on the bed.

i guess i better get ready for work...i think my schedule is pretty full so i might as well get moving...maybe i can actually get in a couple of minutes early..that would be good.


shelagh f

so glad it didn't take Luna long to settle in. I was
wondering if she would just take off over a fence,
never to be seen again.


Ziggy was teasing Luna and the gang yesterday. He would go over to the fence between Charlotte's pen and the overhang shelter , press his butt up against the fence and turn back to look at them almost as if to say "go ahead and try, you can't get me :p ". Brat lol. Also I dusted the birds yesterday and Nugget sure was shocked when I caught him up, he didn't know what to do and surprisingley didn't try to attack me, he looked like a deer caught in headlights. I went back in to lock him up at night and he actually went straight inside his pen instead of his usual Mr.tough guy strutting his stuff towards me, wonder how long that will last lol...