Rescue Journal


Carol  ·  Jan. 26, 2014

puff had pooh butt again. it is an unfortunate part of rescue but his butt did have to be cleaned. he was pretty good about it....whew.

luna is being a bit of a brat. she has the entitled teenager attitude popping up with some of the other dogs. I am thinking of shifting some stronger dogs into her world that would put their "don't dick around with me" foot down with her. still...she may be a bit of a brat but she is still underneath it all a pretty good girl. and she listens when I get after her.

it is going to be a long day today...I got up at 6 and we have a board meeting tonight so I won't be free from everything until about 9. my only real complaint about board meetings is...with all of our various working schedules, it is really hard to find a date and time that works for everyone. sometimes it takes going thru 2 months of the calendar until we can find even one day that sort of works.

it has been a busy weekend and I will be looking forward to my next couple of days off. I did not get to the grocery store and again we are out of toilet paper which is kind of critical!

just a reminder to everyone to be really personally careful about the ringworm out at the barn. keep up with the washing of hands and clothing and using nizoral for showers. it is still spreading amongst the barn animals and there is not much we can do about that. but we can stop it spreading to people if we keep on our toes and are careful. ringworm is self limiting and eventually even without treatment, it does eventually go away. so with treatment and patience we'll get there but please don't forget to be careful of yourself until we do get there.

well...I better go spend some time with the bed buddies until it is time again for the barn.